Every avid video game enthusiast loves good endings and nasty surprises because playing video games is fun. Today's video games, developers added so-called achievements, unlockables and easter eggs but nothing is more special than the vintage video games you grew up. There are video game moments that may forever changed the way you look at video games.

In this case, I'm listing the best of the best moments in vintage video gaming experience. So Playstation 3, XBOX 360 and Nintendo Wii games are excluded. New PC games are excluded as well.

The first time I played Counterstrike, that was during my first few years in college. I made my first bloody headshot. It feels good because at that time, there were a few people who played that game. Now, I'm FPS game enthusiast.

Up-Up Down-Down Left-Right Left-Right B A Select Start. Remember that combination? That is the code used when unlocking a 30 lives boost for Contra. Its a difficult game to finish if you don't have extra lives.

Punch Out is one of the most difficult games of all time and knocking Mike Tyson out is a tall order. A prime Tyson against a diminutive guy as mall as Pacman is an impossible task. I only made it once after countless tries.

Mario is one of the best games of all time and in this case, my earliest memories of video game is rescuing the princess. About eight times you have to do it after finishing off the real King Koopa in Stage 8-4. No wonder, playing this game is addictive.

I'm a Street Fighter fan, as a matter of fact I became so addicted to the game that I almost skipped school. My favorite moment was reaching the Bison stage for the first time (using Ryu). Finishing the game with a Hadouken was kick ass.

Lifeforce is one of the most challenging shooter games ever made. The boss stages are so challenging that the music itself makes it more thrilling. My hands are so sweaty because you need your full concentration and superhuman reflexes to dodge every enemy attacks.

We all know, video games are also associated with violence. But when you say Mortal Kombat, it epitomize violence at its vilest form. The first time I saw the Fatality combo performed, I almost puked from seat. Talk about mutilation and decapitation in front of your eyes.

This final boss from one of the rarest titles on the SNES is disturbing because on the surface, this evil alien is a swarming, repeating vortex of ghostly red faces that looks like the pattern on Satan's bed sheets. But if you look closer, you also find a very disturbing image that some speculate is the true nature of the beast you are fighting. If you examine the negative space of the red and black contrasting image, you'll see the downright creepy image of a tiny unborn fetus enveloped in an evil ice cream swirl.

One of the most devastating and sneakiest moves in video game has been the classic Terran Ghost's deadly payload. When you hear "Nuclear Launch Detected!" then something bad will happen. And all of a sudden all units and structures will be destroyed.

The Grand Theft Auto series epitomized the world of sandbox gaming. You can do almost everything you can imagine. And as for doing the dirty deed, yes you can in GTA 3. Actually, God of War is also one of it but nothing beats GTA for roughshod escapades on the beat.

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