Despite the early exit of 2006 World Cup finalists Italy and France, the favorites have played well. Germany, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, and Netherlands have all the chances to win it all. Despite the dodgy and spotty officiating that resulted in controversial matches.

Getting the trophy is a free for all and anyone have good chances of winning it all. Its all about the classic games ahead:

Quarterfinals - Germany vs Argentina - Countless encounters have been made between these two countries and it will be Diego Maradona's destiny will be tested by this dangerous German team looking for football glory.

Round of 16 - Spain vs Portugal - This is a tough choice since I like both teams. But in the end, I think Spain will move on to the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinals - Brazil vs Netherlands - Should Brazil overcome Chile then this would be an intriguing matchup with the Dutch as the 5-time world champions are hoping to become the only country to win all the World Cup in 5 different continents and their sixth overall.

Darkhorse contenders - Uruguay or Ghana - I think Ghana has an edge in crowd support because they're the only African team standing in the tournament. But Uruguay may provide some surprises.

Spoilers - Japan and Paraguay - I never expected these teams to go this far but meeting the "real" teams may see any one of them eliminated. Who knows if they can upset one of the top teams previously mentioned.

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