This is one World Cup match that I'm hoping to go down the wire but it seems the Germans are way much better than the English. The Germans zoomed to an early 2-0 lead after spectacular goals were scored against the lackluster English defence. Then England finally scored via a good header by Matthew Upson and later Frank Lampard 'scored' the 'equalizing goal.'

NOT...the Uruguayan referee did not count the goal even if it went in. England got robbed of their second goal. Though it is still manageable after half time. By the second half kicked off England got another opportunity to score via a free kick just above the penalty box and then disaster struck as the Germans got the ball and went into a counter attacking frenzy. The Germans scored two more goals to end England's hope for a quarterfinal appearance.

The Germans were way too good than their more famous rivals. Famous for choking on big games.

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