So many ideas have popped into my head lately and I was like "...maybe I should write something." Some of my blogs are not yet updated and I need new content for my sites. But I'm still preoccupied in other important things, and yeah I have a "life" too. But I have enough time to write this weekend or during Irish's visit, I'll probably write one. Not about the World Cup, not about just random occurrences, and probably a history-related theme once again.

Here are some things that I think are good topics for the mind to digest:

- An alternate historical fiction that I'm planning to pen and would be a series of essays called "The Chronicles of Al-Andalus." This will be an alternate history wherein the Muslims that ruled Spain were not evicted from the Iberian peninsula and the course of world history was changed with a powerful Islamic empires dominating the world. The problem is that I have a lot of research to do considering the fact that this is alternate history. Right now, I'm doing a research on Muslim names and place names. I don't know the name of the Philippines or Mexico if an Islamic empire ruled the erstwhile "Spanish" colonies.

- I had a recent fascination with comic book history lately and I was thinking of chronicling the history of comic book fashion, like the age-old mythos of why superheroes wear their underwear outside their body suits, why their clothing are intact despite their deadly confrontations, or are these superheroes get tired of wearing the same costumes day-in and day-out?

Well lets soon find out if I have the time to write these interesting articles in the near future.

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