In my 29 years of living in this world, life has taught me about patience and respect. That is so true when it comes to women because I have to admit that I'm a hopelessly romantic type of guy that you want to introduce to your mother. That is if you're the girl...and I'm not kidding but the problem is that I'm that the person but on steroids. Meaning, its too much for my own good in a bad day. I have to say this but I give my all to the girl that I love. Sometimes I tend to overlook what I need and what the others want from me.

My girlfriend is arguably the best person in the world. I mean it with emphasis, though we haven't been together for the longest time but I have no doubt that she's the best person in my life. My life would never be complete without her. Despite my imperfections, I still believe she'll bring the best in me...

Her presence, her smile and cheerful disposition have made me madly in love with her everyday. I know people may doubt because we had an unconventional case of getting together but we're way much different that others because we respect and love each other for who we are. Though, there are challenges will come our way...I will never give up and never stop loving her. That's what I think love is.

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