Alas, she's just not the fan we think she was

Been watching the World Cup for the past few weeks and I never expected to be this drowsy for the lack of good sleep waking up in the wee hours of the night to watch crucial matches at 2:30 AM. I never expected Paraguay to go this far since it should be France, England, Portugal or Italy that be playing in their place. But as the tournament progresses to the next round, Paraguay now found itself in the quarterfinals for the first time and will be facing European champions Spain, who already dispatched a lackluster Ronaldo-led Portugal team.

This matchup may have lack the hype and controversies of a Germany-Argentina quarterfinal match or a potential fireworks display of a Netherlands-Brazil match but there is one person that the cameras would focus on from time to time and its not Fernando Torres or David Silva, its Larissa Riquelme. Say who?

This self-proclaimed Number 1 Paraguay fan of course...

The buxom beauty is a permanent fixture in Paraguay games
She even became more famous than the football team itself. Ask the Japanese why they lost on penalty kicks. Though not as creative as the Dutch orange-clad models who were arrested by the South African police for allegedly promoting a Dutch beer, which was not the official sponsors of the tournament. Dam'n you Budweiser.

From various social media sites, Larissa rose to global popularity in the first match against the Italians and shocked people by the way she prominently carried her mobile phone. As her team continued their fairy-tale run to the knockout stages, cameras continued to seek her from the crowd like paparazzo with clockwork precision even if she's far away in Asuncion.

A patriotic chick indeed, check her pictures here.

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