Loving someone is the best thing there is and I'm fortunate to have shared my life with the woman that made my life beat. I consider myself "hopelessly romantic" because I do give it my all and sometimes tend to leave myself alone for the sake of my girl's happiness. After all, her smile makes me smile and her happiness is my happiness.

This may sound corny but I think I'm living my life for that person alone and I keep thinking of how to make things better since we have been far away from each other for the longest time. Whatever intimacy that I failed to give her during the time we were separated by miles is what I'm giving her because she deserves it. I know five days of my free time cannot fill in the five months that I'm not on her side.

Selfless love also means self-sacrifice and for me its all worth it if you're doing it for the love of your life. I can't ask for more but only love, respect and support from her. I accepted her for what and who she is because that's the best way to show how you love the person.

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