I love to watch movies because I downloaded the latest flicks all the time but I also love movies with inspiring stories and interesting plot twists. So much more if I'm watching it someone I love. Though I love documentary films and other "serious" educational films from the National Geographic, Discovery, and History Channel, I have some fascination with romantic movies. I'm not saying I love it like I love it, I love the real-life application of these movies to my love life, you know what I'm sayin'?

First things first, "You've Got Mail" with 90's love team Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan remains the best because I must admit that I'm the "hopelessly romantic"-type and in reality, I found the girl that made my life meaningful through the Internet. I know it sounds cheesy and all but its true, its just difficult how to encapsulate it when curious people, e.g. her relatives and my casual acquaintances, ask about us. I love her but its difficult how to say it to other people, besides I think I'm not obligated to discuss it with them,. But the fact that most long-distance relationship come and go, speaks for itself but not in our case...hopefully.

The difference is that we were not hiding from each other and we spend most of our communication through SMS. Well our life together is still a work in progress and I believe I'm living life like Adam Sandler in "50 First Dates." In my case, I keep proving my love over and over again because for me everyday is just another to recommitting myself to all things wonderful in my life, not just loving her but making her life happy.

Sounds easy? Its challenging actually that I don't really think at all because I never ask anything in return. I gues there is this something - its love, respect and understanding on her part. I can relate to the fact that I may not be perfect personally or professionally but I have the attitude of never giving up and not settling for less.

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