Paul the Octopus is right after all! Even going against his German owners, he choose Spain over Germany. Maybe we'll be asking for a seafood dinner anytime soon.

Since the Philippines is not part of the World Cup, I am supporting Spain all the way. After all, they used to be our colonial masters and so we have this Spanish connection in us, right? The only loser in this match, however, is Fernando Torres. This guy is the Furia Roja's heart and soul 'glamour boy' but alas his heart is probably left home. Good thing there is the goal-scoring David Villa, the gritty defenders in Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique, and the midfield maestro named Xavi.

The goal-scoring rampage of Germany has finally ended after destroying the World Cup dreams of their bitter English and Argentine rivals. I would have hope for a Germany-Holland final. Now I have make orange juice for the finals with matching empanadas for a late night snack. See you in the Finals...

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