Becoming part of an American musical "Glee" is a huge career boost but getting under the knife when you're 18 is another thing and maybe downright stupid. Charice, Oprah Winfrey's favorite wundersinger, got dissed by the media for her decision to "tweak" her youthful face.

Botox on her face or just Vicky Belo's plan to make her face round? Though many celebrities have directly or indirectly admitted plastic surgery to keep themselves relevant in the media but having this procedure at the peak of her career and her debut to mainstream American media is a different thing.

She would probably look like a mutilated Frankenstein freak if she retires by the age of 40. Too much cosmetic enhancements will take a toll on your face. But just wondering if the rumor mill will end and as for the American media, many Filipinos do want to look good especially if you are on the verge on having an American show for the first time and not on the loolapalooza of a local telenovela and the brouhahas included.

And oh, she's not Tila Tequila sans the drugs.

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