Now that the World Cup is almost coming to an end, only four teams are left standing with Spain and Netherlands as the top squads that still has to win a trophy. Clear favorites Germany has steamrolled opponents into submission with England and Argentina falling out in the wayside. The Dutch has dispatched the Samba Boys in the quarterfinals after falling behind in the first half. The Spaniards, who recovered from their opening loss to the Swiss, have reached the semifinals for the first time by edging out friendly neighbors Portugal with sore loser Cristiano Ronaldo spitting out of the tournament. The long lost champions Uruguay also played a surprising tournament survived a controversial game against the last African hope, Ghana.

So far there has been a running gag about the supposedly Nike and Adidas curse wherein players who appeared in the commercials were eliminated in the tournament. It seems Adidas will get the last laugh as only Netherlands is the Nike-sponsored to team to remain. Brazil's bid to win an unprecedented sixth title and becoming the only team to win World Cups in five different continents ended. Previous finalists Italy and France were eliminated in the first round. Nigeria got eliminated by a stupid sent off. England had a mutiny that culminated in a virtual floorwipe by the "Huns." The Americans got cheated, so was the Mexicans, and the Ghanaians, and Kaka received his first red card by "elbowing" a harmless Ivorian player. Larissa Riquelme will not run naked because Paraguay was eliminated. All thanks to the referees and mutated bee sounding vuvuzelas, this World Cup remain as colorful as ever. See you in Rio in 2014 boys. And, oh don't forget to bring your suncream and sexy Brazilian girlfriends at Copacabana. Futbol is going home to Brasil.

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