As the world looked down upon us after the bloody hostage incident that killed foreign nationals in our own country. How we'll we ever repay our dues to them after all the blunders and catastrophic mistakes made by our government officials and the police force in handling that volatile incident that ended in the needless deaths of innocents. Instead of securing the crime scene from the ravages of voracious media men and ravenous packs of "curious" onlookers. The ill-fated bus that has become an infamous image in the eyes of Hong Kong citizens and Chinese as a whole that should have been a memorial to the people who died now becomes an unlikely tourist attraction even for these students who posed for pictures and even posted in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. I realize that its a shame to be a Filipino when we can't even respect the sensitivities of other people. Though we have raised our flag half mast, still no one gave their heartfelt apologies but only condolences with half-witted excuses of what went wrong.

While the Chinese are crying their hearts out, considering the fact that some of their countrymen are still suffering from the recent floods, we are posing for photographs with our smiling faces. No wonder, Filipinos in Hong Kong and elsewhere are facing the brunt of the blame from our "collective" guilt.

Did I forgot to mention that three of the killed hostages were also Canadian citizens and what makes it more interesting is that the location is where President Aquino took his oath in office.

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