I'm really amazed at how the past picture out how the future looks like. In many movies that I've watched that showcased how they look the future and how they predict how future society would be, I found out that these are just an weird alter-ego of present time. Making a picture of the past is relatively easy because we all know what happened in the past and in this way, depicting past events can be much closer that the actual event itself. But depicting future events may be much more difficult because we don't know what to expect and what questions to ask. Recent trends seemed to be focusing on telecommunications such as the advent of social media like Facebook and Youtube but the past viewed 2010 as already a dystopian or utopian incarnate of the distant past. Back to the Future in fact showed future as an ultra-futuristic society with flying machines but in reality, everything is way, way off.

During the Cold War, many people read pulp magazines and comic books that were said to be the eyes of the future because in our parent's teen years, they only had those - no Facebook and Twitter for that matter. Their view of the future reflected the baby boom era and so their future may look like the 1950's and 1960's in steroids.

Its typical showing a city with lots of intersecting flyovers and highways and some even go past through skyscrapers. I haven't seen those in our cities because if I do, I may be living in an amusement park of roller coasters. Some people have fascination with steam punk and large rockets.

Some view the future with humans living in large Lunar and Martian domed bases. Traveling to outer space seems like taking a short vacation to the provinces. I don't know what the future may hold but in my case, I think the future would be looking like what we have in 2010 but even better than what we have. See you in the future, unless we invented the time machine already. I guess I have to wait for my future self to come back home and tell me what the future is. That would be fun!

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