Amidst the hype of Charice's appearance on the hit US television show Glee, there has been a different air going on in the Philippines. Though she gained superstardom in the American entertainment circuit, its quite obvious that she still has work to do with regards to her self-promotion here in our country. Its very apparent that she's far more popular to Americans than fellow Filipinos with regards to her brand of "birit" music.

Can we call ourselves "overcritical" on her success as a singer and her latest attempt to capture American audiences or are we just the same "crabs" that chastise Filipinos who make it big abroad. We criticized her for her "ordinary" look and cosmetic makeover. Hey, anyone would want to make themselves better especially if you are face with Oprah, David Foster, Ellen Degeneres, and all familiar faces of Hollywood right? Can we blame her?

Or are we just jealous of her because of her rise from anonymity to celebrity? Katrina Santiago has encapsulated Charice's difficulties in winning the hearts of her own countrymen in this September 20 article in, "This isn’t so much about Charice Pempengco herself, as it is about an audience in her country that’s overly critical of her by default, that obviously doesn’t care much for her. And it has to be said that it’s class, social and otherwise, that allows for this double standard when it comes to national pride, which disallows Charice from being properly celebrated as a high point in Philippine popular culture history."

How come we don't embrace someone who put ourselves on the map, someone that Oprah dubbed as "the most talented kid in the world"? Lets just say, Charice remains an underdog story and like a Cinderella waiting for acceptance.

Let the crabs go back to their baskets. Charice is definitely the person that we should be proud of.

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