I was just minding my own business when I was riding a harmless jeepney when flag flaps into my eyes almost instantly blinding me to death. The fact is that there was this sharp shard that got entangled in the flap which I apparently missed. I was in a hurry because of the rain and I was split second ahead in time from going to an emergency room with curious nurses looking at my potentially messed-up face.

If I got in time with that mini accidental crossroad that would spawn a butterfly effect of a series of unfortunate incidents that would probably leave me dead or incapacitated. I would simply fell off and get run over by a big truck from behind or I would get blinded for life and will be fed by warm gruel helplessly in a nursing home.

Its hard to contemplate about thinking those things inside my head. After all, our minds do play tricks once in a while. I have consumed all the content of my powdered iced tea drink and now my mind is going overdrive as I'm about to wrap this up. Till then, I guess I still have my luck intact for the next 24 hours.

PS - I'm counting the moments to enjoy my time with my girlfriend before she leaves for her hometown. God, I'm starting to get emotional here. Bye for now, thanks for reading my blogs.

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