December is fast approaching. You can feel it from the emergence of Christmas lights, the increasing frequency of annoying carolers asking for money, and the exploding firecrackers on the streets and alleys. Indeed, the Holiday spirit is upon us. But is it the same holiday celebration where we enjoy our Christmas dinner or the usual repeated litany of people getting their fingers cut off because they religiously follow the age-old tradition of playing with fireworks to ward off evil spirits and misfortunes of the past year.

Its tiring to hear people saying that they will not to do it again and all those "I told you so" moments. In fact, as the days nearing Christmas and New Year, the frequency of firework injuries and deaths are far more greater than suicide bombing attacks in Baghdad and Kabul. Casualties are still mounting even after Christmas and New Year.

We never learn and we still continue to commit mistakes. Not using firearms and fireworks to celebrate the holidays should be our New Year's resolution from now on.

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