It's only 10 days to go before Christmas and most of us are already excited to receive our Christmas gifts from our friends and loved ones. With all the cut-off sales and promotions in the shopping malls right now, it is quite irresistible to have our favorite gadgets that we always want. Besides giving gadgets as Christmas gifts is perfect for people who really want to show off.

Here are the lowdown on the latest gadgets that are perfect gifts for Christmas.

10: Sony Alpha DSLR-A230
Perfect for people who really want to take topnotch photographs, this high-quality camera has fast autofocus, high magnification viewfinder, dual card slots, simple operation, built-in wireless flash and image stabilization, and SteadyShot indicator. Another great gift ideas that go along with it would be a good sling bag, tripods, and extension lenses.

9: Apple Iphone 4
One of the best touchscreen phones in the market, the Iphone 4 remains the dream phone for most people nowadays. It crisp graphics and smooth animations are good eye candies to every mobile phone users who really love good applications and user interface. Powered with a reliable GPS and WiFi system, its the perfect phone.

8: Apple MacBook Air
The qualities of perfect gadgets for Christmas gifts: powerful and portable. That is exactly what Apple MacBook Air is all about. Loaded with the best software and applications, its perfect mobile companion for people who want casual computing work on the go.

7: Alienware Area-51 ALX Desktop
Many people say that powerful computers would be perfect gift ideas for techie people. Giving the Alienware Area-51 desktops as Christmas gifts would the best thing a computer geek would like. With an anodized aluminum chassis and powered with the most powerful graphics card and processors, what's not to like with this baby?

6: Sony Bravia KDL55HX800
Sony is already a household name in the electronics industry and it comes to that, they have the best LED televisions. Great gift ideas for people who want to set up their entertainment center at home. Nowadays, 3D is now a must have for the latest line of televisions and this model is one of the cheapest ones in the market right now.

5: Nintendo Wii
Giving Wiis as Christmas gifts is perfect for young and old. This motion control powered device can be addicting to many since most of its games are very simple to play and it involves your flexibility and dexterity. If you want to lose the pounds of the food and drinks you ate on Christmas parties then the Wiis are the perfect gadgets for everyone.

4: XBOX 360
One of the best video game console in the market right now, XBOX 360s are good Christmas gifts for hardcore gamers but to make it complete, make sure include the Kinect system. Most gaming gadgets nowadays implement motion-control systems that allow gamers to control the console with the joystick. Move the way your own character move.

3: Sony Playstation 3
Unlike its competitors, Playstation 3 is the all around gaming and entertainment system in the market right now. People who want to play games, surf the Internet, and watch Blu-Ray movies should have PS3s in their homes. Christmas gifts like these should also include the Playstation Eye and Playstation Move so that gamers can have a different gaming experience that using the controllers.

2: Sony Playstation Portable 2
Kids are lining up in gaming stores in malls because they are asking their parents to buy them PSP2 as gifts for Christmas. Just like the PS3, the PSP2 is the portable version of this popular gaming system. Don't forget in include a headset, camera extension, and protective pouch as add-ons.

1: Apple Ipad
Its a must have for technology enthusiasts, the Ipad is somewhat a cross-breed between a typical MacBook and the Iphone 4. It has powerful applications that are used in most laptops and awesome graphically-powered multi-touch games.

Counting down to Christmas, use these gift ideas as guide but the main essence of giving Christmas gifts is making our friends and loved ones happy. In gift-giving, its the thought that really counts.

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