She is “…the most talented girl in the world,” that’s what Oprah Winfrey said on Filipina teen star Charice Pempengco.

Never in her wildest dreams that a little girl with superstar dreams have made it so far before her 18th birthday that many Americans know her for her big powerful voice that captivated audiences around the world. Charice is the teenage singing sensation that is now living a celebrity life and detached from the anonymity and obscurity she had back in her hometown.

The Filipina singer's rise to superstardom began when she lived the life of a simple provincial girl who grew up singing hits from her idols Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. She lost and won countless singing contests she joined and eventually appeared in various local television shows and commercials. She eventually faded into the limelight until her stint at a South Korean talent show “Star King” on October 13, 2007 where she sang “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.”

Her awe-inspiring performance was uploaded in Youtube where it caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres. The video ultimately received more than 13 million hits thereby cementing her as a Youtube sensation. She made her U.S. debut by appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” where she also sang the Whitney Houston classic “I Will Always Love You.”

Charice Pempengco’s successful appearance on DeGeneres’ show landed her another stint at the Korean talent show that helped her gained fans. Her celebrity status grew as she appeared on”The Oprah Winfrey Show” for the first time where she was introduced to legendary music producer David Foster after delivering the same song she sang at Ellen’s show.

At the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Charice made her debut on the international concert stage in Foster’s tribute concert “Hitman: David Foster and Friends.” She even got to sing a duet with the famous tenor Andrea Bocelli at his birthday concert at the Teatro del Silenzio in Italy where she sang “The Prayer.” Her subsequent performances have captured the imagination of many.

In the domestic scene, she also released successful albums that include her self-titled debut album “Charice” that achieved platinum status and her certified gold album “My Inspiration.” Her growing celebrity status allowed her to collaborate with today’s hottest singers like David Archuleta, Iyaz, and Leah Michelle.

Perhaps one of the greatest achievements in her relatively young career, Charice landed the role of Sunshine Corazon in the hit television musical “Glee.” Getting a role of Sunshine Corazon is like being her in real life. A relatively obscure recurring character that immediately burst out from the scene that may have stole the limelight of the lead character.

Her debut with the show created a buzz on the Internet where she (Sunshine Corazon) dueled with Michelle (Rachel Berry) in a key bathroom scene by singing Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.” It became a Youtube as many people watched the video over and over again.

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