We celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Day with all the food and drinks in the dinner table, the fireworks in the skies, and the noise of revelry all around. However, there are many things that we tend to overlook during this month of joyous celebrations and endless merrymaking.

Here are the things that we should avoid during the holidays:

1: Firecrackers

Fireworks in the skies are public spectacles but getting your fingers blown off by firecrackers of different sizes and explosive power is something that you should think about. Whether you’re the one using the firecrackers or just watching other people doing it, you really have to be ready from an errant firecracker thrown. Don’t gather the unexploded pieces because these may end up blowing in your hands nor collecting the gunpowder of unexploded firecrackers because you get burned if accidently lit up. Aside from that, firecrackers may also cause fires so make sure you have buckets of water ready to put out flames.

2: Alcohol

When there are parties, there are lots booze and drunk people. Don’t drink when driving home or going to another party. Avoid arguments with drunk people because it’s difficult to deal with them.

3: Bulging Up

During the holidays, we celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Day on a long orgy of parties and feasts. Because of these celebrations, we always take for granted our health and fitness by eating high-calorie foods, sweet desserts, sodium-enriched sauces, alcoholic beverages, and carbohydrate-rich pastas. No wonder it is especially difficult to keep track on our strict dietary regimen and even eat healthy if we are tempted and surrounded by these types of foods.

4: Health First

If you are keeping track of your cholesterol, the first food that you should avoid is lechon. Unfortunately, it is also the centerpiece for every Christmas and New Year’s Day dinner table. The crunch skin of the roasted pig is enough to make your mouth water. Just drink more carbonated drinks to dissolve all the fats you ate and of course, eat moderately and avoid the fatty parts. Take into consideration certain food allergies that people may have.

5: Exhaustion

Celebrating the holidays can be enjoying but doing it too much can be exhausting because of lack of sleep or too much partying. Exhaustion may lead to a fatal death when asleep, also known as “orom.” This caused by eating too much and falling asleep because of exhaustion and as a result your gall bladder burst thereby poisoning yourself by your own body waste.

6: Fire

As we have fun during the holidays, we have to make sure that we are prepared for possible fires. Firecrackers and stray fireworks may land in our house and cause fire. Aside from that, we have to check if the electrical sockets are safe and extension cords don’t get loaded by our electrical appliances that may short-circuit anytime. The Christmas lights are especially dangerous since most of these products are made of substandard materials.

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