As we say goodbye to the year of achievements and failures, we are now winding down the days till we open the New Year in 2011 with a big bang. A new year is a new beginning for each and every one of us. Of course, it’s always our best interest to have our own set of New Year's resolutions.

Let us stop living on the mistakes of the past and start thinking of what we can do in the days ahead. It’s about time to reflect on each New Year’s resolution that we want to achieve and make sure we follow these changes in our life so that we may become a better person in 2011.

As the final hours, minutes, and seconds of our New Year’s Day countdown tick away, let us examine the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2011:

10: Getting the Work Done!

We all want to organize everything because the reason why our plans fail is we never set our goals properly. Whether we want to organize our workstation, setting up our own stuff at home, or meeting monthly sales quotas, organizing everything is our top priority. We want to maximize our time and reduce stress so that we can enjoy more of our time.

9: Be a Good Samaritan

People who want to give back to others may want to volunteer in various fields of endeavor to help people in need. Some may donate money to charitable organizations and various fundraisers for disease prevention and social causes. The emergence of volunteerism may be attributed to people having the urge to make a difference in life. On New Year’s Day, start the day by giving gifts to people who deserve to receive – the poor, the sick, and the homeless.

8: Learning New Things

It’s a typical New Year’s resolution for people who want to better themselves in life and learn new skills and competencies aside from the formal education and vocational experience they had. Some may consider career change while others want to dabble in culinary arts or learning graphics design. As the New Year kicks off, then you can break off your daily routines and meet new challenges by testing your comfort zone to the limit.

7: Be Debt-Free

Every day we work to meet our financial obligations but sometimes our budget will fall short and so we incur debts. Mobile phone and credit card bills can always stress us and that’s why people would always want to manage their finances properly as part of the New Year’s resolution ritual.

6: Bye Bye Alcohol and Cigarette

Most people would repeatedly break this New Year’s resolution quite so often. In fact, becoming sober or quitting smoking is a life-changing resolution that may help your health, relationships, finances, and your sense of self-esteem. Resolving it would be giving up what you love but at the same time fixing your relationship with other people. Take it slowly until you make it.

5: Finding True Love

One of the things that most people would look forward in the New Year is finding their true love while most couples would want to have their fairy-tale wedding that they always dream of. It would make sense for people to make the effort to find a compatible life partner while some people work on their personal issues to make their relationship stronger.

4: Quality Time with Family and Friends

Since most of us are busy with work and other personal obligations, we tend to overlook our family and friends. For this reason alone, it is quite normal for people to have this New Year’s resolution. This could mean that many are conscious about improving relations with the people they care.

3: Career Change

Some people may not like their jobs while others may want to start new and fresh. We always dream of having the perfect job we want and we keep on looking for the next big job opportunity in the coming year. Reflect upon your current work and evaluate if your interests, needs, and skills fit the job you are on.

2: Good Health

For 365 days in a year, there are always days that we feel sick, tired, and weary. When the New Year starts, we always want to stay fit and healthy by eating well and relieve our stress. Of course, we also want our loved ones to be in good health too!

1: Losing Extra Tonnage

Of the countless number of New Year’s resolutions we always have year by year, losing weight and getting in shape may be the perennial favorite. We always bulged up after all the Christmas parties and drinking sessions we had during the holidays so it is quite natural for us to lose all of it by next year.

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