Despite the early exit of 2006 World Cup finalists Italy and France, the favorites have played well. Germany, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, and Netherlands have all the chances to win it all. Despite the dodgy and spotty officiating that resulted in controversial matches.

Getting the trophy is a free for all and anyone have good chances of winning it all. Its all about the classic games ahead:

Quarterfinals - Germany vs Argentina - Countless encounters have been made between these two countries and it will be Diego Maradona's destiny will be tested by this dangerous German team looking for football glory.

Round of 16 - Spain vs Portugal - This is a tough choice since I like both teams. But in the end, I think Spain will move on to the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinals - Brazil vs Netherlands - Should Brazil overcome Chile then this would be an intriguing matchup with the Dutch as the 5-time world champions are hoping to become the only country to win all the World Cup in 5 different continents and their sixth overall.

Darkhorse contenders - Uruguay or Ghana - I think Ghana has an edge in crowd support because they're the only African team standing in the tournament. But Uruguay may provide some surprises.

Spoilers - Japan and Paraguay - I never expected these teams to go this far but meeting the "real" teams may see any one of them eliminated. Who knows if they can upset one of the top teams previously mentioned.

This is one World Cup match that I'm hoping to go down the wire but it seems the Germans are way much better than the English. The Germans zoomed to an early 2-0 lead after spectacular goals were scored against the lackluster English defence. Then England finally scored via a good header by Matthew Upson and later Frank Lampard 'scored' the 'equalizing goal.'

NOT...the Uruguayan referee did not count the goal even if it went in. England got robbed of their second goal. Though it is still manageable after half time. By the second half kicked off England got another opportunity to score via a free kick just above the penalty box and then disaster struck as the Germans got the ball and went into a counter attacking frenzy. The Germans scored two more goals to end England's hope for a quarterfinal appearance.

The Germans were way too good than their more famous rivals. Famous for choking on big games.

What an amazing goal by David Villa as Spain edged out Chile to move on to the 2nd round to meet their favorite neighbors Portugal in the round of 16. But this is goal is so awesome that I have to replay it over and over again. The Chilean goal keeper tried to block the shot from the initial Spanish attack but it was deflected to Villa who was about ten parking lots away from the goal line. He fired a shot from nowhere and went it.

Leading up this fixture, I've been anticipating this clasico from the moment these teams were drawn together. After all who wants to have a former colonial power clashing with her former colony in the football pitch. It is somewhat the opposite because its more like a David-Goliath build up to the game. The best team in the world (Brazil) versus the best player in the world (Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal).

This final group game determines the faith of Ronaldo and his men if they move on to the next round as Brazil is already assured with a 2nd round berth. On the other hand, there is an ongoing game between Ivory Coast (with a fancy French name Cote D'Ivoire) and North Korea. So obviously people would believe that Brazil would romp up a win against their friends across the Atlantic and Didier Drogba and company would have goal feast with the Koreans. In this case, Ivory Coast and Portugal would end up tied with identitical 1 win 1 draw and 1 loss slate. Goal difference would determine who will advance. Surely, Brazil would have their A-game and from the get go Portugal would get dumped.

It didn't happened. Though Drogba and his men capped a 3-0 win against the Chollimas, Brazil and Portugal may know pretty well that a draw would send the latter to the next round at the expense of the Ivorians. Pretty damn cheat if you say it, at least they could have made the result respectable like someone from both of them score a goal.

Anyway, I'm expecting another clasicos in the next round as Spain and Portugal clash while World War 2 has to be fought again as the English and Germans for the nth time.

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