I am really amazed at how timelapse photography and videography works, I was scouring stories in Gawker.com recently and found this viral video made by Noah Kalina about how he took pictures of himself everyday for the past six years and counting. Though its not like what Home Simpson did (pictured above), he made a timelapse video showcasing all the pictures he took on his expressionless face. Its amazing to see his expression remained unchanged for the past 2,000+ pictures. Now it is a viral that later spawned into commercials. Watch it here.

everyday from Noah K. on Vimeo.

Facts and Myths
- Most males are left-handed.
- Contrary to popular belief, lefties are loyal spouses. "Hindi mangangaliwa ang kaliwete."
- Most identical twins and several groups of neurologically disordered individuals are left-handed.
- Statistically, the identical twin of a left-handed person has a 76 percent chance of being left-handed, identifying the cause as partly genetic and partly environmental.
- In 2007, researchers discovered LRRTM1, the first gene linked to increased odds of being left-handed. The researchers also claim that possessing this gene slightly raises the risk of psychotic mental illnesses.
- People with long-term impairment of the right hand are more likely to become left-handed, even after their right hand heals.
- Exposure to higher rates of testosterone before birth can lead to a left-handed child.
- Ultrasound scans may affect the brain of unborn children, causing higher rates of left-handedness in mothers who have ultrasound scans compared to those who do not.
- The left hand symbolized the power to shame society, and was used as a metaphor for misforture, natural evil, or punishment from the gods.
- Etymologically speaking, the left hand is associated with the word "sinister".
- In sports term, lefties are called "southpaws."

Biases and Prejudices
- Left-handed people are sometimes placed at a disadvantage by the prevalence of right handed tools in society. Many tools and devices are designed to be comfortably used with the right hand. For example, (right-handed) scissors, a very common tool, are arranged so that the line being cut along can be seen by a right-handed user, but is obscured to a left-handed user. Furthermore, the handles are often molded in a way that is difficult for a left-hander to hold, and extensive use in such cases can lead to varying levels of discomfort. Most importantly, the scissoring or shearing action - how the blades work together (how they are attached at the pivot) - operates correctly for a right-hander, but a left-hander will tend to force the blades apart rather than shearing the target substance. (This is especially awkward if the scissors are loose and/or blunt.) Left-handed scissors do exist; until they have tried cutting with some, many right-handed people do not believe the difficulties experienced by left-handers using right-handed scissors.
- The computer mouse is sometimes made to fit the right hand better. Many computer installations have the mouse placed on the right side, making it awkward for left handers to use without moving the mouse to the other side of the keyboard. Some mouse drivers and operating systems allow the user to reconfigure the mouse buttons to reverse their functions. However, being left-handed does not always mean the person uses the mouse on a computer with the left hand; many left-handers can use the mouse right-handed because they learned it that way from the start. Some lefties have claimed that this gives them an advantage because they can use the mouse with their non-dominant hand, leaving their left to do tasks such as taking notes uninterrupted.
- The lack of left-handed tools and machines in many workplaces is not only a nuisance to many left-handers, but has actually placed them at peril. One example is the band saw, whose standard design is convenient for right-handers but encourages left-handers to pass their arms dangerously close to the cutting blade with every pass of the saw.
- It can be difficult for left-handed children to learn to write if the teacher does not take the student's left-handedness into account. In fact, even in the later 20C, some UK schools were discouraging children to write with their left-hand, often seriously effecting the child's development.
- Left-handed people who speak Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Hebrew or any other right to left language, do not have the same difficulties with writing. The right to left nature of these languages prevents left-handers from running their hand on the ink as happens with left to right languages.
- The vast majority of firearms are designed for right-handed shooters, with the operating handle, magazine release, and/or safety mechanisms set up for manipulation by the right hand, and fired cartridge cases ejected to the right. Also, scopes and sights may be mounted in such a way as to require the shooter to place the rifle against his or her right shoulder.
- Left-handers suffered severe prejudice during the 18th and 19th centuries and it was often "beaten out" of people.
- In adulthood, left-handers were often shunned by society, resulting in fewer marrying and reproducing.
- As prejudice declined in the 20th century, the number of natural left-handers who stayed left-handed increased.
- The rising age of motherhood contributed as, statistically, older mothers are more likely to give birth to left-handed children.
- Using the left hand in polo and jai alai is strictly prohibited.
- Playing field hockey is disadvantageous for lefties.
- Lefties have considerable advantage over right-handed fencers.
- Baseball is particularly suited to left-handed players.

Left-Handedness & Achievement
- Chris McManus of University College London, argues that the proportion of left-handers is rising and left-handed people as a group have historically produced an above-average quota of high achievers. He says that left-handers' brains are structured differently in a way that widens their range of abilities, and the genes that determine left-handedness also govern development of the language centers of the brain.
- Researchers at Lafayette College and Johns Hopkins University in a study found that left-handed men are 15 percent richer than right-handed men for those who attended college, and 26 percent richer if they graduated. The wage difference is still unexplainable and does not appear to apply to women.
- In music, guitar great Jimi Hendrix was left-handed. He played his restrung Fender Stratocaster upside down to accommodate his handedness. Paul McCartney of The Beatles is left-handed as well; when he first played for John Lennon, he played Lennon's right-handed guitar upside-down. Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain was also a well known left handed guitarist.

In the second installment of my alternate history project, I wrote about the fateful encounter of the invading armies of Tariq ibn Ziyad and the forces of Roderic, King of the Visigoths. This episode in the Muslim conquest of Europe began in North Africa and ironically aided by disenfranchised Christian and Jewish subjects of the Visigothic king and his rivals.

It was not entirely on the overwhelming forces that led to the ultimate destruction of the Visigoths nor the zealous attitudes for conquest by the Muslims. The kingdom itself was falling apart because of internal rivalries and political intrigues. Please read the story here: http://wp.me/pQ6n1-3Y

I just started writing my first alternate history about the Muslim conquest of Spain. We know in the original timeline (OTL) that the Spanish have successfully overthrown their Muslim rulers by 1492 and the rest his history. What if the Muslims remained and were never driven from the peninsula? Obviously, Spain never existed and so its conquests in the 15th century and in this case, the Muslim rulers of Spain may have discovered America and the world as we know it would be dominated by the Muslim world.

For more information: http://jpthehistorian.wordpress.com/2010/07/22/the-chronicles-of-al-andalus-chapter-i/

I love to watch movies because I downloaded the latest flicks all the time but I also love movies with inspiring stories and interesting plot twists. So much more if I'm watching it someone I love. Though I love documentary films and other "serious" educational films from the National Geographic, Discovery, and History Channel, I have some fascination with romantic movies. I'm not saying I love it like I love it, I love the real-life application of these movies to my love life, you know what I'm sayin'?

First things first, "You've Got Mail" with 90's love team Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan remains the best because I must admit that I'm the "hopelessly romantic"-type and in reality, I found the girl that made my life meaningful through the Internet. I know it sounds cheesy and all but its true, its just difficult how to encapsulate it when curious people, e.g. her relatives and my casual acquaintances, ask about us. I love her but its difficult how to say it to other people, besides I think I'm not obligated to discuss it with them,. But the fact that most long-distance relationship come and go, speaks for itself but not in our case...hopefully.

The difference is that we were not hiding from each other and we spend most of our communication through SMS. Well our life together is still a work in progress and I believe I'm living life like Adam Sandler in "50 First Dates." In my case, I keep proving my love over and over again because for me everyday is just another to recommitting myself to all things wonderful in my life, not just loving her but making her life happy.

Sounds easy? Its challenging actually that I don't really think at all because I never ask anything in return. I gues there is this something - its love, respect and understanding on her part. I can relate to the fact that I may not be perfect personally or professionally but I have the attitude of never giving up and not settling for less.

Becoming part of an American musical "Glee" is a huge career boost but getting under the knife when you're 18 is another thing and maybe downright stupid. Charice, Oprah Winfrey's favorite wundersinger, got dissed by the media for her decision to "tweak" her youthful face.

Botox on her face or just Vicky Belo's plan to make her face round? Though many celebrities have directly or indirectly admitted plastic surgery to keep themselves relevant in the media but having this procedure at the peak of her career and her debut to mainstream American media is a different thing.

She would probably look like a mutilated Frankenstein freak if she retires by the age of 40. Too much cosmetic enhancements will take a toll on your face. But just wondering if the rumor mill will end and as for the American media, many Filipinos do want to look good especially if you are on the verge on having an American show for the first time and not on the loolapalooza of a local telenovela and the brouhahas included.

And oh, she's not Tila Tequila sans the drugs.

What came first, the egg or the chick? Its an age-old mystery thats yet to be answered. Even in my entire life I haven't found the answer if not a scientific approach to prove that the egg came first before the chick. Besides, the egg came from the chicken but the chicken was a chick first and vice versa.

What's your thought on this circular argumentative conundrum?

Loving someone is the best thing there is and I'm fortunate to have shared my life with the woman that made my life beat. I consider myself "hopelessly romantic" because I do give it my all and sometimes tend to leave myself alone for the sake of my girl's happiness. After all, her smile makes me smile and her happiness is my happiness.

This may sound corny but I think I'm living my life for that person alone and I keep thinking of how to make things better since we have been far away from each other for the longest time. Whatever intimacy that I failed to give her during the time we were separated by miles is what I'm giving her because she deserves it. I know five days of my free time cannot fill in the five months that I'm not on her side.

Selfless love also means self-sacrifice and for me its all worth it if you're doing it for the love of your life. I can't ask for more but only love, respect and support from her. I accepted her for what and who she is because that's the best way to show how you love the person.

In my 29 years of living in this world, life has taught me about patience and respect. That is so true when it comes to women because I have to admit that I'm a hopelessly romantic type of guy that you want to introduce to your mother. That is if you're the girl...and I'm not kidding but the problem is that I'm that the person but on steroids. Meaning, its too much for my own good in a bad day. I have to say this but I give my all to the girl that I love. Sometimes I tend to overlook what I need and what the others want from me.

My girlfriend is arguably the best person in the world. I mean it with emphasis, though we haven't been together for the longest time but I have no doubt that she's the best person in my life. My life would never be complete without her. Despite my imperfections, I still believe she'll bring the best in me...

Her presence, her smile and cheerful disposition have made me madly in love with her everyday. I know people may doubt because we had an unconventional case of getting together but we're way much different that others because we respect and love each other for who we are. Though, there are challenges will come our way...I will never give up and never stop loving her. That's what I think love is.

Paul the Octopus is right after all! Even going against his German owners, he choose Spain over Germany. Maybe we'll be asking for a seafood dinner anytime soon.

Since the Philippines is not part of the World Cup, I am supporting Spain all the way. After all, they used to be our colonial masters and so we have this Spanish connection in us, right? The only loser in this match, however, is Fernando Torres. This guy is the Furia Roja's heart and soul 'glamour boy' but alas his heart is probably left home. Good thing there is the goal-scoring David Villa, the gritty defenders in Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique, and the midfield maestro named Xavi.

The goal-scoring rampage of Germany has finally ended after destroying the World Cup dreams of their bitter English and Argentine rivals. I would have hope for a Germany-Holland final. Now I have make orange juice for the finals with matching empanadas for a late night snack. See you in the Finals...

Sipping Eight O'Clock orange juice at 4 AM watching the boisterous celebration of the orange-clad Dutch fans who were shouting their hearts out as their team reached the World Cup finals for the first time since 1978. With amazing goals from both sides, it seems Uruguay was on the verge of a great comeback after falling 1-0 in the first half and 3-1 in the later part of the game. The referee even extended the time to few precious seconds after stoppage time.

On the other semifinal game, another sleepless night for me, the match many would want to be the finals will showcase the Germans and the Spaniards. Can't wait to have a Germany-Netherlands final even though I would love Spain to win the title.

The weather is pretty bad lately even though there is no impending global cataclysm. Its just that the days have been cloudy and rainy that is why my mood is affected by it. I can see the changing weather in my wide-eyed horizon. The monsoon rains perhaps? Climate change? I don't know...

Oh well, I'll be taking some time off soon and I hope we'll both enjoy each others company without any torrential downpour or rains of biblical proportions. If it rains, it pours but I'm not expecting cats and dogs to fall out from the sky.

Lebronathon. This is not a new sport invented for the 2012 London Olympics, not a weird fad as a consequence of the vuvuzela pandemonium-infused football fans, not even election primary or parliamentary convention but an event focused on a king. LeBron James, the self-annointed "King," is now open for market. And all the King's limos and all the King's agents flocked to his Ohio home to have a free agent summit wherein interested teams can present their sales pitch on acquiring the services of the overachieving phenom. Even fellow top free agents are also depending their decisions on where James will play. A guessing game that brings them to Chicago, New Jersey, Miami, and New York because any of these teams can have LeBron and another supporting All-star player like Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, or Amare Stoudemire.

Maybe this a terrible game of Russian roulette after all, LeBron may be playing with a different uniform and number pretty soon. But it all boils down to where Lebron will win a title. Winning seasons are not enough if you choke in the playoffs. Ask the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics. Take your pick on which jerseys Lebron maybe wearing this coming NBA season.

Now that the World Cup is almost coming to an end, only four teams are left standing with Spain and Netherlands as the top squads that still has to win a trophy. Clear favorites Germany has steamrolled opponents into submission with England and Argentina falling out in the wayside. The Dutch has dispatched the Samba Boys in the quarterfinals after falling behind in the first half. The Spaniards, who recovered from their opening loss to the Swiss, have reached the semifinals for the first time by edging out friendly neighbors Portugal with sore loser Cristiano Ronaldo spitting out of the tournament. The long lost champions Uruguay also played a surprising tournament survived a controversial game against the last African hope, Ghana.

So far there has been a running gag about the supposedly Nike and Adidas curse wherein players who appeared in the commercials were eliminated in the tournament. It seems Adidas will get the last laugh as only Netherlands is the Nike-sponsored to team to remain. Brazil's bid to win an unprecedented sixth title and becoming the only team to win World Cups in five different continents ended. Previous finalists Italy and France were eliminated in the first round. Nigeria got eliminated by a stupid sent off. England had a mutiny that culminated in a virtual floorwipe by the "Huns." The Americans got cheated, so was the Mexicans, and the Ghanaians, and Kaka received his first red card by "elbowing" a harmless Ivorian player. Larissa Riquelme will not run naked because Paraguay was eliminated. All thanks to the referees and mutated bee sounding vuvuzelas, this World Cup remain as colorful as ever. See you in Rio in 2014 boys. And, oh don't forget to bring your suncream and sexy Brazilian girlfriends at Copacabana. Futbol is going home to Brasil.

Alas, she's just not the fan we think she was

Been watching the World Cup for the past few weeks and I never expected to be this drowsy for the lack of good sleep waking up in the wee hours of the night to watch crucial matches at 2:30 AM. I never expected Paraguay to go this far since it should be France, England, Portugal or Italy that be playing in their place. But as the tournament progresses to the next round, Paraguay now found itself in the quarterfinals for the first time and will be facing European champions Spain, who already dispatched a lackluster Ronaldo-led Portugal team.

This matchup may have lack the hype and controversies of a Germany-Argentina quarterfinal match or a potential fireworks display of a Netherlands-Brazil match but there is one person that the cameras would focus on from time to time and its not Fernando Torres or David Silva, its Larissa Riquelme. Say who?

This self-proclaimed Number 1 Paraguay fan of course...

The buxom beauty is a permanent fixture in Paraguay games
She even became more famous than the football team itself. Ask the Japanese why they lost on penalty kicks. Though not as creative as the Dutch orange-clad models who were arrested by the South African police for allegedly promoting a Dutch beer, which was not the official sponsors of the tournament. Dam'n you Budweiser.

From various social media sites, Larissa rose to global popularity in the first match against the Italians and shocked people by the way she prominently carried her mobile phone. As her team continued their fairy-tale run to the knockout stages, cameras continued to seek her from the crowd like paparazzo with clockwork precision even if she's far away in Asuncion.

A patriotic chick indeed, check her pictures here.

So many ideas have popped into my head lately and I was like "...maybe I should write something." Some of my blogs are not yet updated and I need new content for my sites. But I'm still preoccupied in other important things, and yeah I have a "life" too. But I have enough time to write this weekend or during Irish's visit, I'll probably write one. Not about the World Cup, not about just random occurrences, and probably a history-related theme once again.

Here are some things that I think are good topics for the mind to digest:

- An alternate historical fiction that I'm planning to pen and would be a series of essays called "The Chronicles of Al-Andalus." This will be an alternate history wherein the Muslims that ruled Spain were not evicted from the Iberian peninsula and the course of world history was changed with a powerful Islamic empires dominating the world. The problem is that I have a lot of research to do considering the fact that this is alternate history. Right now, I'm doing a research on Muslim names and place names. I don't know the name of the Philippines or Mexico if an Islamic empire ruled the erstwhile "Spanish" colonies.

- I had a recent fascination with comic book history lately and I was thinking of chronicling the history of comic book fashion, like the age-old mythos of why superheroes wear their underwear outside their body suits, why their clothing are intact despite their deadly confrontations, or are these superheroes get tired of wearing the same costumes day-in and day-out?

Well lets soon find out if I have the time to write these interesting articles in the near future.

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