The flamboyant singer Katy Perry has finally invaded children's show as she exposes herself in front the eyes of naive little children watching Sesame Street and child-at-heart adults in the Simpson. Ever since that music video showing Katy in a plunging boob-line dress with everyone's favorite Jim Henson character Elmo, children's television was never the same again. There were no explicit lines, sexual content, or violent acts committed on the show but just the hypocrisy of media nowadays. They branded it as unsuitable for children even though the music video is kinda "cool," even though I'm no fan of hers. An hair incarnation of a steroid-induced, alter-ego of Russell Brand would probably scare the crap of me thats for sure!

The Simpsons will roll out the welcome mat for Katy as she is slated to appear in the upcoming season of the hit TV series. It seems the "California Gurls" chick will appear in her live action form and will play Moe Szyslak's "girlfriend." Who would have though of it, the Pygmoelian bastard is one lucky bartender. Put it in my tab, Moe!

It will be a Christmas treat, I'm not referring to the boobs. Ain't it Mr. Burns? Excellent...

I was just minding my own business when I was riding a harmless jeepney when flag flaps into my eyes almost instantly blinding me to death. The fact is that there was this sharp shard that got entangled in the flap which I apparently missed. I was in a hurry because of the rain and I was split second ahead in time from going to an emergency room with curious nurses looking at my potentially messed-up face.

If I got in time with that mini accidental crossroad that would spawn a butterfly effect of a series of unfortunate incidents that would probably leave me dead or incapacitated. I would simply fell off and get run over by a big truck from behind or I would get blinded for life and will be fed by warm gruel helplessly in a nursing home.

Its hard to contemplate about thinking those things inside my head. After all, our minds do play tricks once in a while. I have consumed all the content of my powdered iced tea drink and now my mind is going overdrive as I'm about to wrap this up. Till then, I guess I still have my luck intact for the next 24 hours.

PS - I'm counting the moments to enjoy my time with my girlfriend before she leaves for her hometown. God, I'm starting to get emotional here. Bye for now, thanks for reading my blogs.

After all the "hate"-apalooza against the Philippines and Filipinos in the recent hostage killings in Manila, Filipino hate crimes, natural and political disasters, and every not-so good news about our country. There is this latest PR gaffe by the organizers of a conference between US President Barack Obama and ASEAN leaders with President Benigno Aquino present at the proceedings. You can see the inverted Philippine flag on right side.

Just to remind everyone that Section 10 of Republic Act 8491 states:
“The flag, if flown from a flagpole, shall have its blue field on top in time of peace and the red field on top in time of war; if in a hanging position, the blue field shall be to the right (left of the observer) in time of peace, and the red field to the right (left of the observer) in time of war.”

And oh, the law covering the national flag also provides penalties such as a fine and imprisonment of up to one year for people found disrespecting the flag. Way to go, all we have to do is make Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Obama attend a Senate inquiry on this matter and we'll all forget that everything even happened, right?

Inverted flag means that the country is at war with another country. But with whom? Surely not against the United States, right? We're friends with the Americans...BFF if I may say! The Americans admitted that it was an "honest mistake..." Right?

It seems P-Noy is not amused with Obama talking or is he? We may never know...

For the past few weeks I've been drooling for a copy of NBA 2K11, one of the most anticipated video games for the PS3. With weeks to go and the actual NBA season about to start, I'm never been excited for such video game ever since Michael Jordan returned to play for the Bulls in the 1994 season. Speaking of MJ, he's now back! I mean he's back in the video games and what a perfect to recreate his greatest moments in the hardwood by playing this game. You also get to see the classic teams of 90's Pistons Bad Boys, the 90's Showtime Lakers, the 90's Human Highlight Hawks, and the 90's Dynamic Jazz Duo.

Amidst the hype of Charice's appearance on the hit US television show Glee, there has been a different air going on in the Philippines. Though she gained superstardom in the American entertainment circuit, its quite obvious that she still has work to do with regards to her self-promotion here in our country. Its very apparent that she's far more popular to Americans than fellow Filipinos with regards to her brand of "birit" music.

Can we call ourselves "overcritical" on her success as a singer and her latest attempt to capture American audiences or are we just the same "crabs" that chastise Filipinos who make it big abroad. We criticized her for her "ordinary" look and cosmetic makeover. Hey, anyone would want to make themselves better especially if you are face with Oprah, David Foster, Ellen Degeneres, and all familiar faces of Hollywood right? Can we blame her?

Or are we just jealous of her because of her rise from anonymity to celebrity? Katrina Santiago has encapsulated Charice's difficulties in winning the hearts of her own countrymen in this September 20 article in, "This isn’t so much about Charice Pempengco herself, as it is about an audience in her country that’s overly critical of her by default, that obviously doesn’t care much for her. And it has to be said that it’s class, social and otherwise, that allows for this double standard when it comes to national pride, which disallows Charice from being properly celebrated as a high point in Philippine popular culture history."

How come we don't embrace someone who put ourselves on the map, someone that Oprah dubbed as "the most talented kid in the world"? Lets just say, Charice remains an underdog story and like a Cinderella waiting for acceptance.

Let the crabs go back to their baskets. Charice is definitely the person that we should be proud of.

I'm not a tall person to say the least but I love basketball even though I don't play competitively. I do know that I am crazy for video games and I've been playing it as far as I can remember. In this way, I can imagine myself as a great basketball player without having a sweat. Really! Video games play our childhood fantasies even though we're not that young any more but lets face it, video games are still cool considering the recent technological developments that made them look like the real deal as if I'm watching a live coverage.

Double Dribble

I was hooked to Double Dribble when I was still playing my long-gone classic NES. It was the hottest video game I ever owned because it was so easy to play and I can taunt my neighbors with my secret weapon. The half-court three point shot...yes, the half-court three point shot. If you'll notice on the court, you can see spots on the floor where you can position your player and make the shot. This exploit allows you to align the ball to that spot by making sure that the ball's shadow fits perfectly with the floor's spot. You seldom miss a shot from there and of course you need a lot of passing to evade defenders.

This classic game is just one of the games that everyone should play aside from Mario, Tecmo Super Bowl, Punch Out, and Super Sidekicks.

Unfortunately, there is no tournament format for it so its all about head-to-head matchups. Sometimes I want to get inside the opponents head and thrash talk till he quits. Oh, the days...


Though this is not sim basketball, NBA Jam is more of a casual arcade type wherein you can play no-holds barred basketball. There are powerups to allow certain players to dominate the game with their speed, dunking ability, defensive wizardry, and shooting prowess. Its totally fun that I almost cut school everyday to go to the local arcade to play it nonstop.

The latest incarnation of the game features 3D models and current NBA players but nothing beats the classic game. I still play it on emulator from time to time though.

Well those were the classic video games that I really loved but with the introduction of better game technology in personal computers and console gaming, I shifted to NBA Live (now Elite) and NBA 2K series for more basketball action.


When I had my first personal computer, I really went for EA Sports NBA Live franchise because at that time it was the best basketball video game that I ever played. I tried creating custom teams and make my own Jordan clone because MJ wasn't in the game as far as I know. I even made a video game clone of myself so that I'll play myself in the game. But in later years, the Live franchise have gone bland because of the rising competition from 2K Sports.

I got my NBA 2K9 game when I passed by at game shop in the mall and saw the level of realism that the game is presenting. It was light years away than the NBA Live 09 that I was playing. When I got my own Playstation 3, I never hesitated in buying it over Live and I loved NBA 2K ever since. Now there are a few days to go and the biggest basketball video game by far would be released. Not because it has Michael Jordan but because of the level of realism and immersion that they promised to give to gamers like me.

No more experimenting on clone Jordans since I can get all classic MJ's in various Chicago Bulls teams. I can enjoy building my own dynasty in the game. By the way, I already downloaded both demos. Though I'm kinda disappointed with the NBA 2K11 demo because its barebone while NBA Elite 11 provides a good chunk of the game. However, NBA Elite 11 fails to deliver a bigger challenge on NBA 2K11.

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