Whenever tourists go to Cebu, there are many interesting places they love to visit and along the way they will stop by and buy interesting "pasalubong" as gifts to their loved ones back home. Buying a pasalubong is a good way to remember their visit to the Queen City of the South.

Pasalubong can be giveaways were they can cherish it as important mementos. It could be in the form of a culinary curiosity that one has to really taste just to relish what Cebuanos love to eat. Pasalubong has its roots from the word salubong, which is to meet. So when your loved ones meet you from your trip to Cebu, they will ask for something you for souvenirs and gifts you bought there.

Without further ado, here are the top ten Cebu pasalubong:

1. Mangoes

Cebu is famous for its tasty mangoes. Aside from the quality fresh fruits, they also sell preserved mangoes that include dried mangoes and mango purée.

2. Guitar

Cebuanos love to sing and their love for music transcends upon their famous handicraft and musical instrument that is truly world-class quality export – the guitar. Lilang's guitar is synonymous to quality craftsmanship and to the acoustic instrument that put Cebu in the country's cultural and tourist map.

3. Danggit

Just like the Scandinavians who loved their salmon fillet and preserved cod, Cebuanos are proud of their favorite dried fish – danggit.

4. Chicharon

These dried pork rinds are simply to die for. Chicharon are made of pork skin that is specially dried and seasoned into perfection to create this delectable crackling delight. A good pasalubong for those people who want a good alcohol side dish but be careful too much chicharon is not good for your heart so eat responsibly.

5. Lechon

This mouth-watering roasted pig is famous because of the unique taste and flavor. Unlike the lechon in other places in the Philippines, the distinct taste of Mila's Lechon has made it a favorite pasalubong from tourist and locals alike.

6. Rosquillos

This famous circular cookie with a whole in the center is one favorite pasalubong because of its sweet taste. Rosquillos is made of eggs, flour, shortening, sugar, and margarine with its age-old style of preparation has been passed from generations to generations.

7. Otap

Otap is an oval-shaped, crispy treat that is a Cebuano trademark. It is very unique because of its flaky texture with its distinctive sweet taste. This is the best provincial baked good specialty in the island.

8. Salvaro

This is a wafer-thin, elongated-shaped biscuit that uses indigenous ingredients like coconut, shortening, sugar and flour.

9. Sunflower

Shaped like a flower, this biscuit has a distinct flavor with its liquorice-flavored anise seeds that are sprinkled in the biscuit.

10. Galletas

With Cebu's own Spanish heritage, galletas is one of the cultural remnants. This thin biscuit is wrapped in three pieces. Made of very basic baking ingredients, galletas is a delicious snack treat that are good gifts to your family and friends.

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