It has been quite a while that I have eaten the renowned skewered treats at Larsians sa Fuente. With different types of barbecue and kebabs lined up for you, I’m sure you can never go wrong. Vegetarians may have a hard time since this place is a carnivore heaven. The picture above may look like a bloody mess as chicken entrails, pork meat, and even beheaded fowl are served with a soy sauce, calamansi, and chili vinegar mix.

Larsians is now different as it is slowly accommodating Korean grilled foods into the mix. Koreans are the fastest growing clientele in the area aside from the thrill-seeking American and European tourists. It is especially a good treat if you are enjoying it with your loved one. Indeed, I had a good time with my girlfriend as she enjoyed every moment of our culinary escapade.

What more can you ask for?

Well you can try the oozing and delectable sauce when you munch in the the chicken intestines but you have to avoid the greasy pork chorizos and yummy chicken skin. Cholesterol levels may be an all-time high for some people, try to avoid such treats.

What's the secret to their success?

I'm not Gordon Ramsay when it comes to my taste nor Kevin Sorbo when it comes to superhuman guesswork but I do think that making things simple is the secret to their success. In fact, the establishment is located near Robinsons Cybergate Mall and Chong Hua hospital, imagine the hoards of hungry people going in and out to this popular Fuente Osmena fixture.

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