I wrote an article about getting interviewed by female TV personalities as a fantasy for most men. Talking to these famous public figures can be really intimidating especially when they are hot and pretty. How would you feel if you are on air with your favorite news anchor or TV reporter? They are not only the best journalists in television but they are also the most beautiful women that deliver the hottest news every day.

In this list, I consider TV news anchors and reporters and not personalities and celebrities masquerading themselves as journalists. So no Pia Guanio or Kris Aquino in the list. Though veteran newscasters Karen Davila, Ces OreƱa-Drilon, and Korina Sanchez-Roxas are shoo-ins for the list, unfortunately, this is the countdown for the 20 hottest female TV personalities.

Pinky Webb (ABS-CBN)
I must admit that she has a striking resemblance to Kim Kardashian without the mega-booties. Pinky Webb remains one of the most beautiful women on television news that fills men's fantasies every morning. No doubt, she is on the top of the list.

Rhea Santos-de Guzman (GMA)
As compared to their ABS-CBN counterparts, GMA News host and newscaster Rhea Santos is the face of the news team. Much like Pinky Webb, she commands a lot of attention among viewers especially when she is paired up with equally good-looking Ivan Mayrina.

Pia Arcangel-Halili (GMA)
Yes Sir! Pia is now married to sports analyst Mico Halili (how lucky can he be). Anyway, Pia remains an angel as she always freshens our day with her angelic smile and youthful look.

Kara David (GMA)
GMA TV personalities can be the young blood in television news nowadays unlike their big sisters in ABS CBN. Kara David may be one of the veteran GMA personalities but she infuses a fresh approach to news reporting.

Vicky Morales-Reyno (GMA)
One of the leading TV news presenter in the country, she is like a younger version of Mel Tiangco when it comes to her delivery and presentation of news.

Pia Hontiveros (ABS CBN)
She looks serious when it comes to news presentation but her femme fatale look captivates men like me who prefer women like Pia Hontiveros.

Cheryl Cosim (TV5)
Used to be ABS-CBN's glamor girl, Cheryl Cosim moved to TV5 and established herself as the leading female TV news presenter in this upstart TV station composed of former ABS-CBN and GMA news anchors and reporters.

Gretchen Malalad (ABS CBN)
Some people may wonder why Gretchen Malalad lands in this list. It's pretty simple, giving a karate chop on a douche-bag, ex-basketball player Bong Alvarez is one kick-ass move. Not bad for a former athlete turned TV news reporter.

Ria Tanjuatco-Trillo (ABS CBN / Studio 23)
When I see Ria, I usually associate her with Studio 23 because her face dominates ABS-CBN's UHF station. Whether providing the latest news to hosting TV programs, Ria captures the interest of the viewers with her clear-cut presentation of the news.

Bernadette Sembrano (ABS CBN)
Ex-kapuso TV news host Bernadette Sembrano has jumped ship to ABS CBN to become one of the most recognizable female TV personality of the station.

Lexi Schulze, Berenguer-Testa (ABS CBN)
This Spanish-German beauty seems to be ABS CBN's answer to Pia Arcangel because of their spot-on similarities in physical appearance.

Erika Tapalla (TV5)
TV5 sweet and young news correspondent Erika Tapalla is one fresh face in the TV5 news team. How can a guy resist from her infectious smile?

Gretchen Fullido (ABS CBN)
What bombshell of a reporter she is. Bosom-beauty Gretchen Fullido can heat up the temperature because of her sensuous appeal to the television audience.

Patricia Ann "Trish" Roque (TV5)
How can this TV5 news reporter never be hot when she is rumored to be the reason why our love-rat of a president broke up with "girlfriend" Shalani Soledad. Trish Roque may be too young for PNoy but the intrigue has already closed the president's love life for now!

Nina Corpuz (ABS CBN)
Nina Corpuz's simple and innocent look makes her appealing to viewers who really want to hear someone deliver the news in a clean and efficient manner.

Marieton Pacheco (ABS CBN)
Looks like the girl next door, Marieton Pacheco has a really sweet disposition coupled by her sweet smile that can light us up. Unfortunately, she is now in Canada pursuing different passions.

Cheri Mercado (TV5)
Former ABS CBN news presenter Cheri Mercado has reinvented her career with TV5 as she leads an upstart news team to battle the established leaders like ABS-CBN and GMA.

Marie Lozano (ABS CBN)
This television reporter looks like having a very exotic Asian look that sets her apart from other contemporaries in the industry. Marie Lozano remains a beauty on her own.

Maan Macapagal (ABS CBN)
A pretty decent ABS CBN news reporter, Maan Macapagal takes you to the latest happening that affects us through her style of news reporting.

Dyan Castillejo-Garcia (ABS CBN)
I admit, I really have to put her in the list even though some people may object. The fact that she remains one of the recognizable figure in the sports news genre (usually dominated by men). Dyan can held on her own and she can even provide interesting color commentary in certain boxing matches.

There may be new and up-and-coming TV news personalities that I may have omitted, I may probably feature them in the future. Rest assured.

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