I never been a fan of Rick Astley because I never hang around during the eighties because I wasn't old enough to enjoy mullets and the muppets of that generation. As much as I hate Michael Bolton's never-ending ballads, the Internet trolls of today have made an artwork of Astley's hit "Never Gonna Give You Up" in epic proportions.

Rick-rolling has become an Internet phenomenon that it has spawned a multitude of viral videos that has infected the worldwide web that is more virulent than the Black Death itself. What happens if you put Rick Astley into the political equation? Check it out this hilarious video wherein montage of political speeches were made to fill up Astley's popular tune. In case, you still don't know the lyrics or just trying to forget that the song exist, here are lines of Astley's song.

When politicians lie, cheat, steal, and even kill to get what they want, you have to remember that Rick Astley would never, ever give you up, let you down, run around and desert you. Furthermore, he would never make you cry, say goodbye, tell a lie and hurt you. Now let that be a lesson to all crooked and corrupt politicians out there. Rick Astley will always save the day, I tell you!

Even this graph tells it all in greater detail that no other statistics can:

Remember, you never have to give up in life because as always, there is a Rick Astley that will make our life complete. Keep on Rick-rolling!

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