We Filipinos have a proud race and there are times we do get affected by negative comments hurled at us. Sometimes we get berserk when the comments are racially-charged. Indeed, we do have right to demand apologies and explanation because racism is a serious issue that any nationality and ethnic group face.

Type the word "Filipino" on the search engine and we do find a list of online dating sites that cater to foreigners who are looking for sexual lifetime partners. We do get overboard at times when the popular media, both television and movies, portray Filipinos in a bad light. We have to understand that primetime comedies and late night shows in the U.S. tend to poke fun at people with different nationalities. Even the President of the U.S. doesn't escape the wrath of jokes coming from a David Letterman or a Jay Leno.

Do we have to bar these people from entering the Philippines because they said something bad to us? They have different opinion than us and never have lived in our country. Sure we can give them the benefit of the doubt but are we just "balat sibuyas?"

There were many instances that these shows have talked about issues that is wrong about our country like the sex tourism and human trafficking. Sometimes the truth hurts when other people tell us whats wrong with out country in a form of a joke. Remember, we do tend to racially abuse some people in a way we think its normal. Ever heard people shouting "bombay," "dibidi," "chekwa," and other racially-degrading terms to people different from us? We are racists in a certain way too!

Now ask the question in front of the mirror, "Is racism on Filipinos, a practical joke or just hypocrisy?" Think about it...

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