When you visit another country, you really have to try their cuisine and compare it to what you are used to back home. In fact some countries cook fried chicken in a different way. That deep fried delight is simply irresistible especially when your stomach is grumbling from the long and tiring travel.

When you visit Malaysia, you really have to try their famous chicken satay because you won't be able to eat pork in this Muslim country. It may look like an ordinary fried chicken but it is the sauce and other garnishing that make the difference. Unlike what you eat at Kopitiam, the hawkers, and other food centres back in Singapore, the Malaysian version tastes a little bit difference because it is much spicier. If you have issues with that, make sure you have cucumber on the side so that you can neutralize the chili. Consider having a cold glass of iced lemon tea.

Our local barbecue chicken may taste good but trying this local food will fulfill your desire to eat an exotic dish.You can also try eating eat while enjoying the scenery of the Malaysian countryside as your bus or train passes by Melaka.

Bon apetit!

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