Early film and movies played a big part in the development of the entertainment industry because after man made the first fire, there was no entertainment that captivated the minds of so many. The development of early photography has enabled us to recreate certain events in great detail. Moving pictures eventually brought people from great distances ever closer to us. We witnessed the early newsreels and experimental approach to make this medium into a form of entertainment.

Short film of everyday life and funny skits of people making humorous acts were the viral videos of the time. Imagine if the Youtube we know started as silent films in the bygone era of 1911. That was before the Great War started and even before I was even born.

Of course, people in those days would go wild to see these films. I do admit that I usually get goosebumps when watching old films like these. The actors in this film are long gone and I feel like seeing how dead people were doing in their times.

So without further ado, enjoy the Youtube of yesteryears.

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