I really thought that eating pancake is a really easy job to do. It was not! It was me, my girlfriend, and my sister-in-law who went to the famed Pancake House at The Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu to try their best pancakes. Although Irish knows how to cook pancake in her own way, the pancakes at the ‘House’ were like on steroids if you know what I mean. If you were a diabetic then you would have died from the sweetness and the calories from the honey glaze and the syrup poured over your food.

For starters, I ordered a simple yet pulpy iced-cold pineapple juice (borderline puree methinks…lol). My main course was a three-layered pancake with walnuts and banana then topped with vanilla ice cream. I then glazed it with honey all over until the pancakes almost flow like water lilies on a pond. I really thought I can finish it all because it was so delicious but after 30 minutes of eating, I realize that I would have difficulty in finishing it. How’s that possible? Dumby dumbledore…I was also drinking pineapple juice. So silly of me.

Irish tried to satisfy her chocolatey palate by ordering chocolate pancakes drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with marshmallows with some chocolate powder all over it. She paired with with a refreshing glass of halo-halo, what more can you ask for? Well, she also had a hard time finishing it and I was occasionally called to help finish her meal. Unfortunately, I have my problems to settle at the same time. Well, I tried to get a taste of her meal – I tastes absolutely great but the sugar level is way getting up that I feel sick.

Kat went for the traditional pancake as every American everyone wants it. A simple waffle-textured pancake with cream cheese on top with a honey glaze. Looks good, isn’t it? But she failed to finish it as well because she also ordered a glass full of halo-halo.

Next time, I may perhaps order a little bit non-sweeter and have a pitcher of water ready. Now I know how to get ready the next time I went to battle at the Pancake House.

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