Japanese culture never ceases to amaze especially on everything mundane, weird, and quirky. I do believe that with every culture in this world, fetish has made life interestingly spicy. When it comes to anything that deals with human fetish, there is always the topic of mentioning the sexual image of women's breasts.

Whatever we call it - boobies, bosoms, airbags, chi-chis, funbags, hooters, knockers, moo moos, tatas, etc. - it always capture the imagination of many. The Japanese have taken it to a whole new level and glorified boobs as a staple visual diet in films and animation. In fact, the bigger the better.

By following what Jonathan Ross discovered in Japanese culture in the seminal BBC series Japanorama, I'm exploring how they viewed women's breasts in popular culture - particularly on anime in general. Before there were popular video games like Senran Kagura and Street Fighter, anime was already ingrained in the hearts and minds of every Japanese boy.

In fact, the public adores women with extremely large breasts. More popularly known as "boob idols," the likes of ex-Sega spokeswoman Megumi and the popular Kano Sisters are fan favorite from otakus to cross-dressers. Popular Akihabara fixtures like KNU23 has caused a sensation with the acronym that stands for "kyonyuu" or "giant breasts." Though this J-pop group promises to produce good music, it is doubtful if men would focus their attention on the music rather on what's in front of them.

Sexploitation films still remain a deep influence in the video game and animation industry. There was a controversial game years ago that allows the gamer to "rape" a virtual girl and the advancement of the technology allows you undress and even fondle a virtual girl as if you're doing it for real!

How do Japanese compare and differentiate "boobs" then? What are its real-life comparison?

Well, the thing is...there is no secret to know the difference because it is all on what you see. When it comes to comparison, it all boils down to the size. Unfortunately, the anime counterparts have larger size in bizarre proportions relative to the body size. From the barely present bumps to ginormously elongated mammaries, Japanese animators follow what is normal for Asians to something outrageously beyond human imagination. In other words, a C cup in anime would be a little bit larger that its real life counterparts. I for myself is not connoisseur for luscious and lovely breasts but I do know that bra sizes are different according to manufacturers and countries. Basically, cup sizes range from AA to Z with XXX as the largest achieved cup size in human record.

The lolitas of Japanese anime are the "Sailor Moon"-type characters who love to wear skimpy mini skirts. Barely starting adolescent, these little girls have not yet developed the breasts that women should have. The lolis are perfect in sukumizu and school swimsuits. Going one notch higher is the hinyuu or small breasted girls. Though still referred as "flat-chested," the hinyuu do have their own appeal too. The chaste, naive, and sweet girls epitomize this category because of their unparalleled cuteness. Take for example Minami Iwasaki or Konata Izumi of the "Lucky Star" fame. When you take a look of the common breast size of Nodoka Miyazaki and Yuki Nagato, you will know these girls can be hot too!

Though the funyuu or the average breast-sized women are the "norm," it is slightly bigger than real-world breast size especially to typical Japanese women. It is not surprising because animators tend to exaggerate feminine traits in order to "boost" the characters' sex-appeal. Far favorites tend to have boobs with water balloon-like texture. From the usually-reserved Ojou girls to the tsunderekkos, average bust sizes are usually seen in normal characters. These sizes works well in meido-fuku and sexy bikinis.

Slightly over the natural scheme of things, kyonyuu women are those having God-given natural "bounties" that women die for! Unless if that woman has gone under the knife for enhancement. kyonyuu characters are associated with overpowering sex-appeal. Portrayed as mature women with an "Ara-ara" type Ojou or older Vamp persona, the obvious reason is all but simple - older women do have big boobs. Their assets are usually made to smother people into their cleavage thereby asphyxiating them from sheer excitement. They flirt and compete for attention with funyuu girls when it comes to getting their men.

When you say and explosive then the bakunyuu will blow your mind away because it is not possible to have these types of chest unless if you intend to outdo Jordan nee Katie Price. Though it would be achieved through breast surgery, its proportion is way off the charts if you compare it with any plus-sized models in America's Next Top Model plus Tyra Banks. The popularity of hentai has spawned the sexploitation of these types of women from the carnal instincts of men and animalistic apetite of aliens through weird fetishes like bonyuu and paizuri.

The ultimate breasts belong to the chunyuus because it is like having boobies on steroids. There is a unique genre in Japan called breast expansion fetish wherein smaller breasts expand to unrealistic proportions. Some do have rocket breasts and even laser-emitting boobs.

Historical Perspective

In the past, the kimonos were placed to de-accentuate the chest via series of wrapping to keep everything hidden. The romance of keeping the women's breast under wraps has perpetuated the beginnings of Japanese fetish on breasts. Breast was not eroticized in the art and popular culture throughout the centuries because the fact is Japanese women generally have smaller breasts than their Western counterparts. Japanese are physically smaller but at the end of the war, there was emergence of the idea that bigger is better. In fact, there was a steady increase in breast size from the end of the war and U.S. Occupation.

Perhaps, Marilyn Monroe's visit to Japan in 1954 during her honeymoon with New York Yankee great Joe DiMaggio has propelled breast fetish to a legendary status. In fact, Monroe's frequent diner stop at Royal Host has made it into an institution thereby establishing the country's vibrant diner culture.

By comparison, an average Japanese woman stands three inches taller than her predecessor in the 1950s. The Americans have introduced silicone breast implants and within years, prostitutes are using silicone implants to boost their breast sizes. In later years, more and more large-chested characters, such as Fujiko in Lupin the Third became manga mainstays. Much like American exploitation flicks of the same era, Japanese grindhouse pictures honed in on the breasts of their female leads. Decades later, during the 1980s onward, Japanese porn ratcheted up the fetish element, throwing out plot completely to literally measure actresses' breasts on camera and having them do stunts like smash tomatoes and juggling their breasts.

No matter how weird the fetish is, this is how it describes Japanese culture!

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  1. Interesting take on this "touchy" topic...

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  3. I'm four years to late but, Really Good job on such a topic, kudos to you on pointing out about the bust size are bigger than their real life counterparts like a real C looking much smaller than a C-cup stated in an Anime. So manga artist did go a little too "gung-ho" on the female anatomy.

    Mutsumi Otohime is the the big sister type she even says "Ara-ara" (Oh My) it is one of her traits, she has a U.S.sized D cup in the manga and in the anime it was up to like a triple D(I don't mean the Japanese metic cup either) . But she was still chaste, she did show lots of affection to Keitaro mind you because she loved him but she did not act lovey to all guys. She was friendly to everyone and naive( about the world) not stupid at all in fact she is in canon very intelligent, and VERY sweet. She was quite the twist and refreshing mishmash of archetypes(to me at least). She is the only fictional character I have ever felt real emotion for. I can't apologize for my fan rambling as it is heart felt and true.

    You have a cool and fascinatingly interesting site, again good job thank you for your work.


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