Though the NBA lockout is still looming above the players' heads, some have decided to play basketball in possible extended offseason. In fact, some of the best stars are coming here in the Philippines to play goodwill games with a PBA all-star selection and our national team. I may to have to catch up with my NBA 2K11 game and finish My Player or Dynasty mode. It is probably time to update my custom arena music too!

While I was looking for new music for my PS3, I finally saw the cover art of the upcoming NBA 2K12. At first, I thought it was a fake one but I later realized that it was for real when I read that Larry Bird and Magic Johnson would be on the cover too! Since there is a chance there will be no NBA games on television for a while, the video game may be the closest thing there is. So I have to wait until I get my hands on a copy of NBA 2K12.

Although, I love Michael Jordan but I am also looking for some old school ball games with Bird and Magic. It would be quite a challenge to take control of a rookie Jordan matching up with Bird and Magic in their prime. Perhaps, the aura of the old Boston Garden or the flair of the Great Western Forum would be replicated in game. Talk about the beauty of the previous version, could it be miles ahead in the basketball video game genre? NBA Live, err NBA Elite, is dead!

It is still a long wait but the early screenshots and teasers are already out there. I'm excited and raring to play once I get it.

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  1. when is it coming out?:-) my idol magic johnson

  2. I think it is expected to come out on October 2011 even if the lockout pushes through

  3. Bring on the Lakers and Celtics...


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