It is the late 1960's and a man walks amid the modern chaos of the big city, Los Angeles but in a weird and unique way. A city bombarded with countless propaganda on how Japan kicked America's ass in the war. Oh, wait...did you say the Allies lost the Second World War 15 years ago? Yes, they did! If you ask Philip K. Dick then he would slap you on the face because in his world, everything has been turned upside down. Did I mention that the Nazis also whipped Allied ass too?

Richard Harris would have agree with Dick with his alternate history view on a Nazi dominated world but if you allow Mr. Blade Runner extraordinaire Ridley Scott do the talking then a television series would be interesting to watch. As much as I would want to follow his footsteps, my on-and-off love affair of alternate history is not yet down. If I do have the time, I'll finish my story on Al-Andalus.

While there has been no development on this TV series commissioned by BBC, I am currently looking for this Korean film "2009 Lost Memories" with English subtitles. I am intrigued by the films portrayal of Japan as masters of a Korean peninsula still under colonial rule. What might have been if we are still an American territory like Puerto Rico or an overseas Spanish protectorate until know? We can only dream electric sheeps...

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  1. Though I have read and seen Fatherland in both novel and film, I am especially intrigued with the proposed TV series on Dick's book...

    Looking forward to your alternate history...


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