Starstrucked, bewildered, and simply outclassed. This is what happened to the PBA players as highlight reel after highlight reel kept on coming to them from the visiting NBA all star selection. Final score was 131-105 and it could be more lopsided than that Kobe Bryant was not even scoring at will but "planking superhero" Javale McGee did. How about scoring champ Kevin Durant? He torched his defenders with long-distance three-point bombs near the Smart side advertisement. Reigning MVP scored an amazing alley-oop from an awesome pass from former MVP Bryant. What more can you ask for?

Even those people who weren't there, they may probably have felt the goosebumps that this game is really happening right in front of their eyes. Even though our players want to play better but their best is not even good enough for Chris Paul, Derrick Williams, James Harden, and Derek Fisher. You can't deny it that the players were really at awe with their NBA counterparts, check out their wide grin and kiddish smiles. Perhaps Arwind Santos really wants to play in the NBA? Or probably some of the NBA players are on the state of jetlag so they let him loose? Well it is a goodwill game for one so there is no need to "exert superior effort." Bryant, Rose, Durant, Paul, and company don't want to risk serious injuries even if the lockout is still unresolved.

I got to give credit to the players and Mr. Manny Pangilinan for hosting this rare treat. Today, it is the Rajko Toroman-mentored Smart Gilas Pilipinas, reinforced with PBA players, to test the mettle of these basketball superstars.

Azkals must win at home in a 4 goal margin (credits: DZRH)
In the night cap (midnight to be more specific), the Azkals were humbled by a superior Kuwaiti team in the first leg of the 2nd Round World Cup Qualifier fixture. The team were simply manhandled as their goal attempts fell short and the rough, physical Kuwaitis brushed them aside. The final score 3-0 courtesy of Youssef Nasser, Musaed Neda (the goal scorer in the Australia upset), and and topped it off by Fahed Al-Ibrahim. In the return match in Manila, the Azkals must win 4-0 to qualify to the next round. I am just amazed by some "bandwagon fans" who are criticizing the team now that it lost its game. Remember, the Kuwaiti team is a superior team to begin with. I don't see harsh criticisms against the PBA players when they lost to the NBA players so why the hate on the Azkals now?

If you haven't seen the game, here are the highlights courtesy of ANC:

First Half

Second Half

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