The Black Mamba, D-Rose, Durantula, CP3, and company are invading the Philippines for a two-game exhibition series that will pit them against a PBA All-Star selection and the National Team that will eventually play in the Olympic qualifiers later this year. It is a dream match that everyone is waiting for and it has been some time that a talented lineup of NBA players has ever played in the Philippines since the 1979 NBA champs Washington Bullets (now Wizards) played here.

It is much different from the travelling goodwill team of retired NBA legends. This time, most of the players are some of the very best and still in their prime. With the NBA lockout casting a big shadow on their professional lives, could this be the sign of exodus of these basketball talents overseas? We may never know for sure but there players are thinking and already testing the waters. Ask Deron Williams, Dwight Howard, or Kobe Bryant about it? Turkey, China, or the Philippines?

I know our teams have no match for these basketball gods and I know all of them will eat dust. Starstrucked? Yes. Playing like a bunch of jackass in national television? A big no! They should play hard even if it is just an exhibition. This is where our brand of basketball will be exposed, all the weaknesses and flaws uncovered!

Hopefully, this would be a welcome development if we have plans of hosting a regular season game like Tokyo and London did before us.

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