There is always this love-hate relationship between football fans and the football team that they are supporting. Whether on a club or international level, fans have witness the jubilations of victory and the agonies of defeat. This week alone, there has been a dramatic ending to the best football tournaments in the world - the 2011 Copa America in Argentina and the FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany.

Both host nations failed to reach the finals and amazing penalty shootouts have went on to produce the best games there is. Though penalty shootouts won't happen in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers, I'm wondering if the Azkals have the nerves of still of pulling out an upset or coming back from behind to win a match. Even the best teams and the best players choke under pressure when it comes to penalty shootout. Countries like England and Italy have notorious bad records when it comes to this football futility.

I don't know but I think there is a running proxy-war between Adidas and Nike when it comes to football. The three stripes seem to be on the winning note these days - Paraguay (Adidas) defeated Brazil (Nike) and Japan (Adidas) over USA (Nike) this weekend. Hopefully, there will be no more Larissa Riquelme wannabes this time around.

Nah, forget the bosom beauty because there is a new stars in town - Hope Solo and Alex Morgan. Need to say more? I never realized that there are beautiful women on the football pitch and not the masculinized verson of chicks running around the field and scoring goals. So bye-bye Latina sexy babes then? Damn you Jeremy Piven!

Here are the best penalty shootouts this week, in case you missed the action:

Uruguay winning against Argentina, ole! What a choker on Tevez...

Paraguay destroying Brazil, poor Manu's boys...

Paraguay repeating its success over Venezuela, I can see them trying to kill each other!

Japanese in an upset of Pearl Harbor proportions against the highly-favored Americans in the Women's World Cup.

On a special note, watch this guy do a back flick kick in a penalty...Amazing isn't it?

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