I'm always interested with all the elements of alternate history, anything on what might have been. I have been downloading and collecting documentaries on the speculative aspects of the Second World War with Germany developing stealth aircraft and nuclear loaded ballistic missiles as it steamrolls the defenses of England. Watched "Fatherland" where in the 1960's, Germany and the United States were locked in a nuclear standoff where world domination is at stake. Been playing Hearts of Iron PC game and decided to transform Germany into a "monster" and of course who doesn't love to play German soldiers holed up in a battered bunker and repeatedly attacked by blood-thirsty zombies in the Call of Duty Zombie mode.

Repeated clips of Holocaust victims being put to death still gives me chills and the Hitlerian speeches boils my blood. At least, Jesse Owens gave the Nazis a run for their money as Captain America kick their a@#es in cold blood. Let the games begin!

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  1. Hi JP,

    Interesting post, very thought provoking. I can't remember if Cebu can get The History Channel on cable, but they have in the past done some interesting shows detailing a space plane and other secret weapons the Nazis were trying to build. Have you ever checked out the movie "Final Countdown", where the U.S.S. Nimitz circa 1979 or 1980 gets transported in a "time storm" back to Dec. 7, 1941? Pretty cool alternate history flick...

  2. I do remember the History Channel show when the Nazis ruled Britain...I download these shows online...how about Zipang when a Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force destroyer was transported during the Second World War where they were to force to choose sides - Japanese or American, change history or uphold current world order. How about Konpeki no Kantai wherein Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was transported back in 1905 at the height of the Russo-Japanese War where employed his foresight of the things to come. In the end, he transformed Japan into a powerful empire by the time WWII in his timeline kickstarted.

  3. Check out - http://istoryadista.blogspot.com/2011/12/day-of-infamy-what-if-december-7-1941.html for more information...

  4. JP,

    I googled the Nazi space plane (which I saw on the History Channel), and finally found the link for it.


    It was called the Amerika Bomber, and it was designed by a guy called Sanger. I think the Nazis' idea was to make a scatter bomb out of radioactive materials, since they had not yet engineered a true atomic bomb. I also found a Wikipedia link for "Silbervogel" (silver bird). I recall from the History Channel show that they called it an "antipodal bomber" (Antipodenferngleiter) which was orbital but then could skip off the atmosphere until it dropped its bomb at very high altitude and then glided out of danger.


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