It's been raining like sh!t recently and the cold weather has got the better of me. There are times that I feel like I'm going to burst and explode. My stomach is grumbling like crazy and my anal sphincter is about open the floodgates of toxic bodily mess.

It's August and the rainy season is in full swing as some areas are flooded with rain water, raw sewage, and filthy carcasses of dead rats. Some are submerge with a bloody morass of mud and stagnant puddles.

All the while, my buddy has a huge fetish for fart. I'm wondering why... Anyhoo, I'm hoping he'll finish his blog. I'm been busy the past few days and I'm hoping to start a whole new series of articles on Japanese pop culture. I'm so done with Korean-related themes so I'm following their neighbors they loved to hate!

I finally realized the difference between Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese in this interesting cartoon.

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