Be like Mike?

In our dreams but if you are hoping for his video game incarnation then you may have already played him like crazy. And not just him, there is also Bird, Magic, Dr. J, and other hardwood legends who will grace the upcoming basketball video game that I learned not live without - NBA 2K12.

It is said 15 of the greatest moments in the NBA and its long defunct ABA counterpart will be presented in great nostalgic detail that you will feel like going back to memory lane and experiencing Kareem's unstoppable skyhook, Magic's no-look passes, MJ's highwire acts, and Dr. J's coast-to-coast jam. Broadcast authentic presentations of the era is said to be in the works so I would love to hear the classic NBA on NBC jingle and good 'ol Johnny Most hollering Dennis Johnson's buzzer beater at the Forum with exasperated Inglewood crowd in a standstill.

Imagine the defending NBA champs Dallas Mavericks play the greatest Bulls team of old while LeBron James and company takes its game against the dunking bandwagon of the vintage Philadelphia 76ers. Rumor has it that there are two classic teams up for grabs as downloadable content. Will new shoes and other personal accessories appear in the game too? I smell like Converse coming in...

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