Being the world's newest country is just celebrating the birth of a new baby in the world stage. After years of bloodletting from civil wars to famine, South Sudan has finally seceded and start its own destiny in a volatile and violent region of East Africa. The diaspora of Sudanese throughout the world may provide hope of a lasting peace in the country.

No longer taking orders from Khartoum, Jubba becomes the seat of power for this infant nation. This oil-rich region remains impoverished as the needed services have to go through an untested government rifed with corruption. In a civil war that ravaged the countryside from 1983 to 2005, about 2 million were killed and countless people have fled the country. Distanced itself from the tumultuous Mahdist past, South Sudan faces greater challenges than ever before.

Question remains about the US intentions on this important development that you change the course of East African stability. Terrorism and the rise of Chinese influence in Africa may proved to be an important role in drawing up the lines. The oil reserves of the region may be substantial but it needs infrastructure, manpower, and foreign expertise to tap this potential riches. Who can benefit from south Sudan's independence? The South Sudanese or the outsiders, namely USA, EU, and China.

As for the rest of Sudan, any thoughts of ruining such fragile relations with the south? Though the Islamist-dominated government of Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir is wanted for war crimes, the ethnic and religious divide has resulted in the increase of attrocities committed by militas and other private armies beyond the control of government forces.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir will have a big task at hand in providing ways for a smooth reconciliation. Only time will tell...

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