Who doesn't love Japanese science fiction? When you think about Godzilla, Ultraman, Astroboy, and all the kick-ass characters, there is no doubt that you recognize them. In fact, Japanese culture is ingrained to us that we can't resist our own fascinations from becoming into an obsession. Japanophiles like me will go kamikaze over scifi staples that captivated us through the years.

There has been a twisted love affair between the Japanese and technology, the atomic bomb has decimated Hiroshima and Nagasaki but atomic energy has helped the country recovered and become one of the leading industrialized nations of the world. When it comes to developing new technologies and gadget, the Japanese have become so attached to their own creations that they have transformed science fiction into reality in so  many different ways.

Killer robots, monstrous beasts, and superhuman galactic police complete the Russian roulette cast of characters. Their creative ideas has combined their traditional ideals with Westernized curios. Ultraman has a cult following that even rivals Superman and Batman combined. The choreographed action sequences are tantalizingly similar to Lucha Libre, WWE, and Kung Fu combined. It never grew old that this long-running TV series remains a hit and syndicated to different countries. No wonder groovy sex talisman Jonathan Ross seem to be an odd bloke as compared to Shinya Tsukamoto's Japanese big boss characters.

Unlike Robert Downey's Iron Man, the Japanese version is an odd one because it has necrophiliac sex appeal in a way some scifi fans would find revolting. Product of cyberpunk culture, the android-alien analog provides graphic sexual sadism and phallic images ala Omega Red's tendrils. Tetsuo is the Iron Man that you wouldn't want to mess around. Scifi has transformed Japanese video games into something more complex than just dancing around and beating up robots and aliens.

The Japanese may be the sexually ambiguous people in the planet not because of their penchant for bondage and extreme fetishes but for their type of filmmaking with the likes of Tadanobu Asano. Sadomasochistic urges are off-the-charts in Japanese films that would made Marquis d'Sade proud! Futuristic grandeurs remain part and parcel of Japanese imagination with Akira with the world dependent on robots and cyborgs. Asimo would be following the footsteps of the robots in scifi flick "I, Robot." Modern-day Gepetto's are creating their own robotic Pinocchios of their own image. No wonder, Astroboy has become the poster boy for our interest in robots acquiring human feelings and touch.

Perhaps, artificial intelligence will catch up in the future and humans would no longer be needed to run the world we live in. That is if we are still be hanging around by then!

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