Less than a year removed from the world's biggest sporting extravaganza, London is on the verge of lawlessness and anarchy much like lifted from the pages of "V for Vendetta." The city is burning once again with the mayhem and violence all around. The shooting of Mark Duggan in Tottenham has unleashed street fights between policemen and the miscreants.

London has already suffered so many deadly riots before but unlike any other public disturbance, this riot has caused a sensation in the media and the public since it was just weeks after the city celebrated a peaceful and regal royal wedding. More than just the Duggan shooting, many experts believed that the riot was caused by a combination of factors like high poverty, unemployment, the growing gap between rich and poor, emerging gang culture, criminal opportunism, tensions with police, hooliganism, and multicultural paranoia.

The incident spread like wildfire throughout various cities in England such as Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Nottingham, and Oxford. It has started to make comparisons the Great Fire of 1666. With the use of Facebook and Twitter, rioters were able to coordinate attacks unlike a disorganized mobs and looters. It is a warzone out there with all the shattered glasses, injured people, burned cars, charred storefronts, and complete chaos and pandemonium.

Will it ever end before the Olympics? Only time will tell...

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