It was an insanely rainy day yesterday and there was a power outtage at home so there is nothing much to do. So we decided to go to the mall to chill and relax because Sunday should be a day to rest and not think about the worries in life. Unfortunately, the mall was so crowded that many people just roam around aimlessly just to kill the time and wait for the rain to subside.

I survey the field and saw that the crowd is becoming more multicultural than I thought it was before. Every once in a while, I meet Korean dudes with the their hip clothes and Korean chicks with their unique way of fashion. An occassional bump into Caucasian men (Americans, British, Australians, and Europeans) with their young wives/girlfriends clinging to their hands. A little sprinkle Chinese there and Japanese here. A rare find of an Arab family complete with headscarves. Off-duty IT and call center Indian guys in long-sleeves with their phones, perhaps to talking to their loved ones back home or with their local lovey-dovey.

But what made our different yesterday was the presence of two lovely, sexy Russian chicks. It is quite unusual for us (by the way, I was with my girlfriend) because we don't get to meet Russians on a regular basis. It is my usual impression that they are stereotyped as the usual bad guys in Holywood movies. Russian women can be considered femme fatales or mail order brides.

Anyway, we were looking for some clothes and these two chicks burst out from the scene with curvacious bodies and sultry fashion sense made the world different. Just like Moses in the Old Testament as he parted the waters of the Red Sea to escape from the fury of the Egyptians and Ramsees II. The people parted as the ladies went past them and all the men were enchanted by them.

Perhaps, they never saw something like it but in my case, it was the way they talk. Makes me wonder in Humpty Dumpty style... All the king's horses and all the king's men... Disgruntled girlfriends and wives in sight...

Dazvedanya! Think about all the Maria Sharapovas, Tatu, and Russian spy vixens.

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