North Korea is a geopolitical anomaly and an enduring remnants of the Cold War that even outlived the country that started it all. Many Western journalists are fascinated with life inside this isolated country that seems to be resisting any form of regime change. A despotic leader is ruling this impoverished nation constantly fed by lies and propaganda by their government's illusions of grandeur. Never before seen footage have been made by foreign journalists enabled citizens like you and me get a closer look as to how North Korea is all about.

Providing spectacular Arirang games wherein people are like billboards in basketball stadiums and arenas. Unfortunately, not all people were allowed to join this festivity even though it is what the Communist ideal is all about. Even ordinary citizens can't afford to watch it. Kim Jong-Il's weird taste for movies even forced him to kidnap someone to help make his movies. So weird that North Korea sounds like a good place to get some high.

If this is what the North Koreans are all about then there should never be war. No need for brothers and brothers fighting each other or even father and son for that matter.

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