Forget Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein was the man! Well, I'm suppose to talk about one of the countries you always overlook when you glance over Switzerland and Austria on the map. Then there is this tiny speck of land sandwiched by these countries, Liechtenstein. Don't expect to mix it up with Luxembourg too!

I'm wondering if the women would look like the blonde beauties that Roy helped popularized in his own brand of pop art. This German-speaking principality is one of the smallest yet richest country in Europe. I can't help to say that it has lived in comfortable peace and prosperity as compared to its bigger neighbors. Perhaps, it is a tax haven for man businesses who want to enjoy low corporate taxes. Perhaps third-world dictators and strongmen hide their riches there because of its bank industry's stringent secrecy laws.

Let's go to Vaduz and you may be surprised that you can backpack around the country in a day! Typical alpine sceneries reminds you of the Sound of Music as you hum the songs that the Von Trapp family popularized. It is a small country and you can bump into the prince in a local pub. Ski all day at its famous winter resorts and retreat into their amazing chalets. If you are in a road trip you can start your breakfast in Switzerland, have your lunch in Liechtenstein, and top it with a sumptuous dinner in Austria in a single day!

It is so peaceful and quiet so you may think it's boring. Just plug in your earphones and listen to the Swedish indie-pop band of the same name. That should do the trick! Furstentum Liechtenstein...

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