Whether you are in the United States or the Philippines, we can't live without oil because everything is dependent on the use of these precious fossil fuels. Unfortunately, our dependence cannot last because these fuels takes millions of years to produce and we are consuming faster than the earth can produce a gallon of oil a day.

Saudi Arabia is in the center of everything that's happening in the world from geopolitical game, petroleum supply and demand, Islamic fundamentalism, and terrorism. Since oil has been the country's trump card, what will happen if the oil supply runs out?

If you watched the visual melange of grainy newsreel footages, documentary footages, unique animations, and CGI in the opening sequence of The Kingdom. The opening sequence sets everything in motion as to how the American-Arabian affair in oil production can change the course of modern history once the well runs down dry.

The Middle East may soon follow a wave of Islamic fundamentalism and a fractitious civil war that may tear this region apart. Consider the impact of Balkanization in the early 20th century as countries disintegrated into smaller regions. Russia will emerge as the largest and productive petroleum and oil producer in the world. The United States will lose its prestige and global hegemony as the dramatic shift of power will occur.

Public discontentment on the monarchy will probably intensify as the public sector demands for greater openness in every aspect of life while fundamentalists demand for full control under strict Shariah laws. The world will be much different 50 years from now as Saudi Arabia becomes the epicenter of the geopolitical end-game.

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