The world we live in nowadays is totally tied up to this remarkable social networking site that change how our digital lives work. We put our jubilation, frustration, sadness, grief, and every single moment that describes our day on Facebook. Have you ever thought how our own profile evolved from a simple empty slate to something cluttered with shared videos, game invites, and meaningless blabbers from people we don't even know?

Here is this guy who made his Facebook an odyssey through a classic time-lapse video...close your eyes on Mark Zuckerberg or the Winklevii for a while.

Obviously, there are two schools of thought to this apparent social networking addiction. What do you think is the reason behind it? Is it giving netizens, like you and me, to connect with other people and understand human nature in a different way? Or are we just periodically wasting our precious time with these meaningless intercourses that meeting face-to-face is now just a thing of the past?

Do we have to keep it this way?

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