The attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon, and botched-attack on the White House itself were the shocking moment that changed the world. As if it was just yesterday when I came home from school that I learned about the event as it unfolds. I saw everyone at home with their eyes glued on the TV screen as the first building of the twin towers was already in a fiery, smoking mess as the first commercial airliner crashed into it. I really thought it was the forgettable movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger starred that was supposed to be shown in cinemas later that year. I think the box office flop "Collateral Damage" was destined to fail because it was eerily similar to the airline hijacking that eventually led to the devastating attacks in "the day that will live in infamy" (although it was referred to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 70 years earlier).

Time has passed and the world is not the same as before even though Americans are still fighting in the steppes of Afghanistan and the urban mayhem of Iraq. Osama bin Laden was killed by the elite Seal Team Six and numerous senior leaders were hunt down by aerial drones, caught or killed by coalition forces, private security contractors, and mercenaries, and others simply blend in with the mainstream globalized society. The world is still a volatile place polarized by authoritarian, corrupt leaders and disenfranchised masses.

Will another ten years change everything as the world is shifting towards a new world order by the time the United States has fallen from its pedestal as the preeminent power the world has ever seen.

We hope for the best to come in our times and brace ourselves for the challenges that lies ahead.

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  1. i remembered to how it affected Filipinos here in the Philippines and abroad. it was so sad. on its first anniversary when i was in first year high school our flag was raised half way to commemorate and show respect, for an unknown reason a military helicopter passed by our school and another passed after 5 minutes the principal was so afraid that she sent every one home.

  2. Time flies so fast as if it really happened yesterday...will the world change for good, i hope so! I am hoping I'm playing a good part at it...


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