The long wait is over...

Now that I'm done with NBA 2K11, I'm getting my hands dirty with the most-talked about NBA 2K12 on PS3. Packed with NBA legends and the hottest NBA superstars, no one can go wrong with the game. The lockout can never stop me from enjoying great basketball...

What shall I do first? That is the biggest question in my mind right now while I'm writing this. Well, here are the things that I'm going to do in particular order:

1. Create my My2K account
2. Customise settings
3. Explore the menu and other features
4. Unlock the 1990-91 Golden State Warriors and the 2001-02 Sacramento Kings
5. Practice isomotion and post moves
6. Play an exhibition game - LA Lakers @ New York Knicks
7. Create "JP Sakuragi" in MyPlayer
8. Unlock the Classic Teams
9. Try Blacktop
10. Start my Association using LA Lakers
11. Create my own team

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